Bath & Wick For A More Sustainable Future.

by David Beedle in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Bath & Wick For A More Sustainable Future.


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We are an Eco-Friendly, vegan, plastic-free company and want to provide a space that encourages connection and creativity

by David Beedle in Southampton, England, United Kingdom


Do you feel passionate about spreading happiness and health into the world? We do too and we want to be able to bring our community together to be able to make a big impact on people’s wellbeing and our environment around us! 

We love our planet and all those that live on it. Our company wants to expand our services. We currently sell a range of homemade vegan, eco friendly, plastic and cruelty-free health and beauty products for the home. We do not use any ingredients that are not 100% Natural and sustainably sourced. We do not sell food products and all products we sell are plastic free and made from sustainable sources or upscaled/recycled wood.

Our goal is to create a eco friendly store that supports charities defending our Oceans and environment. That's why for every £10 spent we will be donating 50p to our associated national and local charities. That's a fantastic £5 for every £100 spent in our shops. We will be supporting the Marine Conservation Society, who’s mission is to recover the health of our Oceans, and we want our customers to nominate local conservation and environment charities for us to support each month as well. 

Our second goal is to create a safe and fun space to explore craft making and to learn more about our environment, in a fun and creative way. We really want to involve and help as many people as we can along the way and we would be involving local businesses for the creation and duration to be able to ripple that feeling of our community coming together to support each other. As part of our ongoing social effort we also feel it is important to help to people who may be suffering from mental health issues especially due to the current pandemic. We will be working with several mental health charities including Solent Mind to be able to offer this service for FREE for referred customers. We will achieve this by using a “pay it forward” scheme and donations. 

Especially during these times as we integrate back into normal life, we feel it’s important to make sure we offer a place where people can socialise in a very friendly, open atmosphere in order to increase confidence and peace in their lives whilst being able to help educate people in a way that will benefit our planet and therefore loop back to supporting everyone on this earth! 

We know the eco-friendly choices are not always the most affordable and we want to be able to start changing this, making it more common to be able to access eco-friendly choices. Everybody should be able to make that switch if they choose to without having to pay a premium for it. Were working with local traders and suppliers and want to keep our prices set to the very minimum that we can, taking away the premium price without sacrificing quality. This means less money in our pockets but more people making eco friendly choices about where and what they buy and more donations to our charities.

The funds donated through Crowdfunder will go toward securing a shop in the Solent area that has the space for our crafts centre and Eco friendly living shop. The funds will also be used to buy the required equipment for the craft centre and general shop fitting. We are aiming to be able to fill the shop with Bath & Wick and local vendors products so the donated funds WILL NOT be used to purchase stock to make a profit on, and any remaining funds left after would be put towards our first months donations.

We think we can help make a impact in our local area and by taking this first step on the ladder we can look to really make meaning full change to peoples health and lifestyle choices, 2021 is the year we all start to think about the effects we are having on our planet.

So please join our movement and help us change the face of our environment and the way we shop! Let’s be authentic, help the environment and support one another.


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