Basketball in the UK Hope & Loss Documntary

by Basketball Hope & Loss in London, England, United Kingdom

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Highlighting and looking at issues, why basketball is suffering in the UK despite it being the second highest participated sport and more

by Basketball Hope & Loss in London, England, United Kingdom

All funds which are raised, funders will receive a budgeting report outlining the progress and match funding, and any other activities, to ensure that there is complete transparency with the project, community work and purchases/rental of the venture.  


It is with great pride and privilege, I am able to assemble a team of willing, like minded and creative young people, and other esteemed colleagues, to draw together in the creation of the first of it's kind Basketball Documentary covering the UK, it is with your assistance, prayers and support that it will come into a reality.

We are currently in talks with Doc Society, BFI and Prince's Trust to receive additional support,  mentors, and scope to get this onto YouTube as a series documentary. 

Where did this start

As a basketball coach, chair of a NFO organization support young people and adults with Autism through basketball, I was approached by a number of individuals from different parts across the country, talking about the difficulties which young people face, the reduction of facilities and the 'call to action' recent deaths from gang violence, primarily drugs and gang related. 

I then decided the only way to make an impact would be to document and create awareness for the conditions and realities within the country, facing the issues head on and combining a number of friends and associates to take part to bring light to the cause. 

The Documentary 

The purpose is to look at basketball, what potential it has for the youth, in jobs and purpose in life, how it is being underutilized and looking at the problems surrounding it, instead of dismissing the issue, we want to showcase the incredible work coaches and community leaders are actively trying to do, but are over casted from the cuts and negative appeal from the horrific crimes which take place, on a regular basis. 

This program is to bring a positive light and an element of hope for the youth, through basketball, to find out more from players and fans, on how we can support basketball and through this medium help to stop crime, gangs and violence amongst the deprived communities, even if it just a few we can steer to positivity.

How this program will work

The documentary is to be broken down into 11 series, and having the best parts put into one final long documentary, in a total of 12 creations, covering different regions across England, touching on the benefits of basketball, health related, social inclusion (Culturally diverse) and those who are trying to keep it alive, the difficulties they face, and the positive effect it can have on the most deprived communities as a source of hope, or also known as the scared sport from recent new paper reports, among deprived communities.

Recent studies have shown that gangs, and crime doesn't affect basketball courts and those playing it in parks, as much as others, in an unspoken code of the streets, we find out why that is. We investigate why there is so little effort put in to support the sport, when it is a fact that has been statistically been proven that it is the second most popular sport, with more participants then cricket and golf combined weekly.

How funding has been cut and cut again in recent years, causing the closure of youth clubs, sessions and for Basketball England to move from Sheffield to Manchester, loosing half of their staff due to not wanting to relocate, however having half to the funding to tackle much bigger problems.

Further we investigate the look at the life's of coaches, players, and the youth in the more deprived communities, and hear first-hand their thoughts, feelings and what they believe could be done to support them, the area and basketball, in a coping, heartfelt recognition of the recent stabbings, shootings and criminal activities happening on their door step, how basketball could intervene and support.

Who will we interview

From MP’s and businessmen, to coaches and players, we give the basketball community and on-lookers a voice, to enable us to better understand their perspective and problems, so that we can support and take these issues to the people and organizations which can make a difference. We will also look at positive and proactive steps taken from the gang intervene in London, and other Southern regions, how basketball plays a role and is used as a positive outlet.

Filming lifestyle in streets, and outdoor basketball courts, getting a real insight into the places and conditions of basketball, what the previous years of funding has done and how it has made a difference, finally how basketball is played across all cultures, and genders. We aim to speak to a young lady who is a Muslim, wears a Hijab, and campaigned to get it unbanned from international game guidelines, we aim to bring motivation and inspiration for all women, from all backgrounds, and to show the a wide range of cultures involved in basketball.

The development of the documentary, is to uncover and explore basketball across the United Kingdom, touching on various factors which involve the youth, the most deprived inner-city communities and hope at the end of the tunnel.

We explore the thoughts, feelings and current state of affairs of locals, we also look at Basketball in the funding, business and job perspective, from becoming a professional player in the British Basketball League, to delivering coaching and other roles within basketball.

We are making this documentary to give a voice to those who need a positive outlet, something to do and purpose, hope, to focus with a positive mental attitude in life. We seek to align community leaders, with basketball clubs, coaches and talk to councils to making basketball courts, accessible, more opportunities and working with businesses to create postcode leagues, which can lead to more revenue and funding within basketball in the UK.

The end goal of this program

Enabling the willing among the youth to move away from crime, and into sports, to focus their energy and develop their skills, as a way of creating a healthy income to support themselves, making their family and friends proud of their achievements.

Therefore, we are finding the problem, creating awareness and driving positive solutions to tackle the issues, bringing motivation and inspirational advice, guidance and paths for young people to take to find paid careers within basketball, and the organizations, how to contact them and how to get prepared. We interview NBA coaches, International coaches and NBA G League players on their advice and guidance, to ensure that anyone watching this documentary has the information and knowledge which they can use or offer to those interested in basketball on how to benefit from.

The Budget 

Should there be methods which we can dramatically reduce costs we will do so at every point, without jeopardising quality and production content. This cost is the barrier for the most spending which would be required for the documentary.  

The cost of the budget for 135 days of working, across 10 team members, averaging from £150 to £500 for senior editor, travel, catering and equipment leasing comes to a total of £220,200


Pre-production cost - £15,750


  • Narrative approval and story board finalizing for team.
  • Choice of colour grading, lenses, shots and supporting features to work alongside approved story board & theme.
  • Location scouting, filming permission and approval.
  • Confirm interview dates, locations and scripts.
  • Equipment confirmation hiring for days of shoots & staff, plus standby staff in case of emergencies.


Production cost - £163,950


Equipment hiring, Black magic cameras, lenses, gimbles and steady cams, along with mic booms and lighting, with external power source. Total Hire £15,000


Staff includes, Creative Director & Edit notes (£450), Director (£300), Producer & Technical specialist (£300), Lighting specialist (£150), Audio specialist (£150), x2 Cinematographers (£150) and Photographer (£150). 80 shoot total cost is £144,000


Travel & Catering cost £4,950


Travel to each location & budget for catering for 11 trips comes to an average of £50 per team member x 9 x 50 x 11 = £4,950 (this is an average, sometimes team may be able to travel together to reduce this cost & may find local businesses to provide catering for free for advertising there business in the documentary or other potential appearances, however we will focus on logistics' and catering in the planning stages)


Postproduction cost £40,500


Prost production staff, (£500) Senior Editor 40 days, (£250) Music producer 10 days, (£450) Creative director 40 days totals £40,500


Editor and music producer have their own equipment, will be a case of creative director sitting down with them in the duration and going through the edit and music production, making sure it fits the edit notes, theme and narrative, with a hands-on approach throughout the entire journey.

Estimations on the production

We anticipate it will take approximately 3 weeks to get confirmation for pre-planned visits, and shoots across three months of filming, 3 and a half to 4 months to film, then a further 6 to 8 weeks to edit, and finalize. with a total of 6 and a half months to complete.


Intended length

We would like to aim for 15 to 20 minute additions of the 11 series, therefore in total we are looking at 3.6 hours in length in total - with a short film of about 45 minutes to an hour, summarizing the series into a documentary movie, offering two forms of watching.

Who we will feature

Places we aim to visit, people we intend to interview and footage we would like to capture.

1.            London

2.            Birmingham

3.            Stoke-on-Trent

4.            Manchester

5.            Stockton-on-Tees

6.            Newcastle

7.            Leeds

8.            Bradford

  • Russelle Williams, Founder and Managing Director of Unique Talent. Interests are in Coaching and a Mentor courses including “Ministry of Entrepreneurship” (MOE), Music Production and other team leading courses.
  • Hanley Hustlers basketball Club
  • Maff The Concept
  • BBL Semi Professional Basketball players
  • Greg Mpofu
  • Joe and Maggie Forber of Manchester Magic and Mystics
  • Manchester Giants
  • Tom Stansfield
  • Isaac Former Maroons Basketball Coach
  • Asma Elbadawi on ending basketball's hijab ban
  • Loran Lewis Director of CIC Let’s Do More
  • Jordan Stone a coaching director within Better Basketball UK
  • Zaman Akbary an inspirational story of hope & coach in the region with extensive experience
  • Newcastle Eagles Coaches and Director
  • Ammar Mirza CBE, Businessman, founder of social enterprise Asian Business Connections, 'Primary to Prosperity' campaign developed by his charity PIE project, which links primary schools with business to encourage them to develop skills for later life.
  • Jamie Thompson of Lion’s Basketball Team
  • David Smith Basketball Coach of York Eagles
  • Andy Preston is an English politician, charity chairman, and businessman.
  • Sharon Hodgson MP is a British Labour Party politician

The footage is to be taken in offices, in basketball courts indoors and outdoors, having clips of training, games youth being active and inactive, giving a general painted picture of what the conditions and the situations are to support the narrative being delivered via the interview guest.


Intention of the story

 We focus on the funding issues, and closure of the youth clubs, cuts to services and how basketball can offer support, hope and potentially jobs.

 This documentary we are hoping will offer awareness and the capacity for individuals and groups, to add value to basketball and the lives of those in the deprived areas, joining postcode leagues and gang/crime intervention programs, to better chances and opportunities for youths across the UK.

 We focus on British basketball leagues, and how the professional players need to get a job alongside playing basketball as it isn't enough, this means less tie training and focusing on their game. As well as many other social inclusion and cultural exchange benefits from the sport in summary.



We want to bring awareness to the youth, parents and general community, on the use of sports as a positive outlet, instead of negative activities. Offer an insight into things and ways they can do to use basketball, how to get involved, as social inclusion a team sport, and how dangerous cuts to parks, centres and youth activities can be, and how it has be neglected and pushed under the carpet, alongside the tension of Brexit & cultural tension it has caused.



We are aiming to reach the most deprived communities', and showing a different path in life to that of crime, gangs and violence, we intend to make community leaders and groups, use basketball to include the youth, and provide ways and means for them to channel their energy in a positive way. Also, to create hope in potential careers in the sport as players, coaches, and how businesses can sponsor small leagues, to keep it alive and growing, in postcode intervention programs.

Thank you

We are blessed to have this platform and the ability to make a difference to peoples lives, which we haven't yet met. Every donation big or small enables us to make a difference, big or small, we believe in small steps to a big change, with your support, belief and the change we can put into play in the UK.


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