Elect Barry Harding-Rathbone as MP for Poole 2019

by Barry Harding-Rathbone in Poole, England, United Kingdom


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To support a progressive candidate for Poole...Barry is ONE of the people, OF the people & will work 4 the people. Vote GREEN

by Barry Harding-Rathbone in Poole, England, United Kingdom

We live in difficult times. The climate crisis HAS to be our focus or all that gov't does will be for nothing.

This election is about sending MPs to Westminster who care about ensuring:

Our planet CAN survive climate crisis!  

The big 3 fall way short of what is needed. 

Our Green New Deal will accomplish it... check out https://www.carolinelucas.com/latest/launch-of-green-new-deal-bills

MPs SHOULD do as they promise in their campaign. In '15 Robert Syms didn't even bother to campaign in Poole, he cares so much for the people who returned him that he spent his time canvassing in Mid Dorset & N. Poole. He doesn't even live in the COUNTY. Your MP works for YOU, & that means being  connected to your issues. 

Barry has lived in the area since '78, was educated at B'mth Grammar, & spent 25 years working mostly in the NHS, in A/E & mental health. You deserve representation by someone local who knows Poole's needs #voteGreenPoole.

Barry's commitments are:

Improvements to sea defences in the harbour/Poole Pk, Baiter & Holes Bay, against flooding the climate crisis presents.

To oppose the robbing of fossil fuel reserves by BP etc in the bay/islands &Wytch farm.

Watch the below news article:


An Environment Bill including managing Nature Reserves like Upton Park in line with need for CO2/CH4 absorbing trees & other native plants. Surely NOONE can deny the unfolding climate crisis any more.. can they?

All properties to be fitted with quality insulation & fire detection systems following Grenfell etc.

Solar Incentives for domestic energy .

A diesel 'charge' covering Poole shopping areas, with money raised to go to eco sustainable progs in the constituency.

NO development on green belt full stop!

I will fight for Poole Hospital to my last day. Downgrading A&E/Acute Care & Maternity and relocating to B'mth leaves nearly 55,000 homes (source: Royal Mail) left without proper facilities. The money 'saved' is peanuts compared to the risk to life. S.W. Ambulance covers such a huge area that it's unfit for use. I will fight to have it split up, or for more central resources so that it's fantastic staff become more time responsive &, importantly, more valued.

More robust GP,CMHT & social care to:

a. Make mental health THE top priority.

b. Reduce waiting times to see your GP.

c. Take pressure off practices by making more nurse practitioner led.

d. Make GPs more attractive as a career.

Mandatory primary education on environmental & other socio-ethical issues in being human beings. 

Repurposing empty commercial properties into soc. housing or pop up enterprise hubs for the long term unemployed/socially disadvantaged under a revamped New Deal prog. for those who feel it will help them regain control of their lives

Making benefits simpler by scrapping Universal Credit with our Green Party universal wage. Follow link:


Voting for ALL from aged 16

Being elected by local people who have put their trust in ME has been 1 of the great honours of my life, I commit myself to being the MP for ALL in Poole. 

#voteGreenPoole #time4change     Vote Barry Harding-Rathbone & the Green Party.

Promoted by Ian Hay on behalf of Barry Harding-Rathbone (Green Party). Both at 46 Symes Rd Poole BH15 4PT.

Let's make 'Elect Barry Harding-Rathbone as MP for Poole 2019' happen

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