Baroque Reimagined

Baroque Reimagined

BAROQUE REIMAGINED is a perfromance combining the arts of singing and dance, bringing 18th cent. music through the 21st cent. sensitivity.

We did it!

On 19th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £480 with 5 supporters in 28 days


My name is Sofia Dimitrova, and I am a soprano and the chairman of the Amadea Foundation. After living and working in New York for many years, I decided to return to my home town of Varna, Bulgaria and begin a new project of creating a new and diverse type of show where the talents of local and international stellar musicians, dancers, actors and composers can collaborate. The show blends the Baroque esthetics with the 21st century sensitivity. The music, while using authentic instuemnts and ornamentaion, would be transformed through the eyes of the contemporary musiciand and dancer. We don't want to imitate to a t what has been once, but we want to make this music live and matter as much now as it did back then. 

Our first show is called Baroque Reimagined. We are merging the etheral and fiery vocal duets and arias of Handel and Purcell with an innovative contemporary dance, under the gentle sounds of the harpsichord and cello. To enhance even more this production there shall be  live reciation of 18th century verse. The perofmers are all established artists who have worked all over the world and since the coneption of the idea, we have become a tight team of likeminded individuals who bring  excitment to the stage.

The cast is:
Stanislava Marcheva, mezzo,
Charles Eliasch, baritone
Sofia Dimitrova, soprano
Veselina Mihalkova, actress
Bilyana Georgieva, choreographer and dancer
Ivo Bonev, harsichord
Kremena Hristova, 'cello

Amadea Foundation is looking to raise funds that will cover space rental, PR materials, and fees for the cast, as well as audio/video recording. (Itimised budget is available upon request).
We have drummed up quite an interest and the show has already been invited to other cities and festivals. But as we all know, nothing comes for free. Help us create an experience worth experiencing for the audiences, which have limited access to this unique show with stellar and charismatic performers.

Help us bring gorgeous music, stunning ballet and virtuostic singing together to Varna!

Please donate and share this campain! Every bit helps!

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