Barney the Yorkie

by Leisha Bond in Barnacle, England, United Kingdom

Barney the Yorkie
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It seems Barney was stolen and mistreated. A year later he was found! He is now home but needs operations to help him get better

by Leisha Bond in Barnacle, England, United Kingdom

My name is Leisha and I am friend of Terri Harman.  About a year ago Terri's much loved yorkshire terrier, Barney, disappeared.  Despite lots of searching and appeals for help, he was not found.  Owner Terri was distraught.  But she never gave up hope.  Then last week, 1 year and 5 days since Barney disappeared, he was handed into a shelter having been found in Wolverhampton, about 40 miles from home in Barnacle.  Thankfully he was microchipped and the vet contacted Terri.

It seems he was taken by thieves and treated very badly and somehow escaped or was thrown out.  

He’s now had a much needed bath (!) and lots of loving but the vet says he has a horrible ear infection, black and broken  teeth and one of his legs is not working properly.  

He is having an operation in October for his ears and teeth.  His ear canal infection is so severe he needs to be sedated to have it treated.  He has a lot of scarring to a back leg and the knee is badly damaged and that also needs operating on. 

The cost will be about £3,000.  If you can spare anything, however small, that would really help Terri get this little chap better.  Make no mistake she will get the work done if she has to sell her kidney but I would rather 

a) she didn’t have to do that 


b) Barney can get his leg mended sooner rather than later.  It takes time to sell a kidney.

If by some miracle I raise more than the vet's bill then that will go to the Sunnyside Kennel, the great dogs home in Birmingham that Barney was taken to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you can help, great, but even if you can't please share this.  Also make sure you get your pets micro chipped.  Terri is so glad she did.  

Woofs and licks from Barney. xxxx

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