Introducing Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle carpool/ride-sharing, fixed fares of £5-£7per seat, pick-up and drop-off anywhere in London's M25

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


A new customer trading environment that focuses on fair fixed fares which will improve safety, increase wages, tackle touting and drive down our carbon footprint.

BargainPHV submits singles, couples or groups of friends, family, work colleagues or commuter companions requests to potentially 25,000 Private Hire Operators (cab companies) or Taxi drivers. Customers use the private message board service to chat and book their rides before, during and after a ride.

A regional solution creates a new revenue stream that expands the London market from 8 miles to 117 miles from a few thousand to potential 2m commuters. Distinguishes between local and regional services and creates a path between the two services. Local value is door-to-door whereas Regional is based on postcode-to-postcode continuous and/or matching two back-to-back rides.

Safety and security comes with all drivers, vehicles and operators being vetted by Transport for London. The postcode component of CommuterShare allows customers to arrange a collection or drop-off point away from their home or work, as customers may object to other customers knowing where they live or work. The private message board service keeps a record of your conversations and is visable to both parties. The customer and driver have the same goal which is to get to the agreed drop-off area on-time.

Crowdfunder gives me transparency. If London commuters really want fixed fare ride-sharing and or back-to-back airport transfers then the drivers can see the results here. The £1 pledge equals 1 commuter so if 250,000 people pledged £1 the drivers will engage to service their needs. This crowdfunder initiative is all about how many people want this service not how much they can afford.


Why now?

Local PHOs, PHDs and Taxi drivers are struggling to compete with the aggressive fare strategy of Internet private hire operators like Uber. Other means of public transportation fares have increased over the years and commuters are not experiencing the benefits they had hoped for.

In January 2016, I contacted Transport for London regarding their consultation on ride-sharing. I also sent a letter to my MP who in-turn passed it on to my London Assemble Member and within a few of weeks a meeting with TfL took place regarding CommuterShare. I demonstrated CommuterShare to TfL in their offices and they understood my intentions of how I planned to bring CommuterShare to market.

On the 12th April I've received a response from TfL regarding my rollout of CommuterShare. TfL has confirmed it's intention of supporting a ride-sharing programme provided the technology complies with the law.

Below are quotes from TfL's communiqué:

“In London, any ride-sharing that involves payment of a fare by passengers is subject to the law on taxi, private hire and public service vehicle services and such services must be provided by licensed vehicles. Section 11 of the 1985 Transport Act allows for sharing in licensed taxis and PHVs on condition that passengers have booked their journeys in advance and consent to sharing the vehicle and paying separate fares.”

BargainPHV's CommuterShare fully complies with the above legislative demands.

“TfL support developments in technology which comply with relevant laws and provide benefits to passengers. The sharing of private hire services has potential to provide a range of benefits such as cheaper individual fares, reduced congestion and greater utilisation of vehicles, thus reducing emissions.”

CommuterShare's mission objectives are almost identical to TfL. I would also add operators and drivers to provide benefits.


What is BargainPHV's launch mission?

A million bums on seats within two months

What BargainPHV product will achieve a million bookings?

CommuterShare – permenant  fixed seat prices of £5 to £7 per person anywhere within London's M25

Why will PHOs, PHDs and Taxi drivers use CommuterShare and Airports&Ports?

  • Level playing field for all PHOs and Taxi drivers where they have to promote their professional services to the customers
  • New revenue stream allows PHOs & Taxi drivers to mix local and regional fares separately
  • Plan work up to 30 days in advance gives drivers approximate daily earnings
  • Get paid in advance, use smart-phones to obtain work and up-sell their local door-to-door services.
  • PHOs can hire PHDs regionally due to accurate driver to work ratios which leads to a faster expansion track.

Why will customers buy in to CommuterShare?

  • Fixed prices and  guaranteed seat
  • Chat to a person before, during and after a ride
  • Book 5mins to 30 days in advance on their time-table
  • Everyone in a CommuterShare PHV/Taxi wants to get to their destination on-time.
  • Customers who use two or more modes of transport or living in areas where it costs more to commute.


What type of customer will be attracted to CommuterShare?

Workers, students, medical, school run, disabled, tourists and the elderly.

What are Internet PHOs and aggregators main weaknesses?

  • No human interaction when managing bookings. Example: the disabled and elderly may need to convey their specific needs.
  • When bookings are low they would lower prices and/or increase its percentage of the total fare up to 25%. Both of these steps are to the detriment of their own drivers and affects their state of mind when undertaking this work.
  • No permanent fixed fares.

Experience and knowledge?

Spent 11 years in channel distribution in sales and management and 10 years working as a PHD with many PHOs. Bill Hanlon the architect of BargainPHV's products operate in a specific way that conforms to current legislation. There are no other internet/app offerings that function in a similar way. All BargainPHV products are fully operational and only require updates.

What is the supply launch target?

Minimum of 300 PHOs and/or 5,000 PH/Taxi drivers for a successful launch


The London numbers

  • Approximately 115,000 Taxi and PH drivers
  • 2,800 Private Hire Operators
  • Average territory radius of a local PHO 6 miles
  • Average fare range 4 miles (excluding airports) for PHD
  • Approximate PHO competition to customer 4 to 1
  • Approximate earning radius for Taxi driver 8 miles (green badge)
  • TfL measured 5m commuters using oyster/contactless everyday
  • TfL measured 165,000 vehicles charged in CCZ everyday
  • Airports data measured over 1m airport commuters from all London airports everyday


The BargainPHV products CommuterShare, Airports&Ports and 5Day Service all comply with the Private Hire Vehicles (London) act 1998 and Section 11 of the 1985 Transport Act

The Competition

Ground transportation cost comparison. Airports&Ports vs all competition            
  Cost PP/PV Heathrow Stansted Gatwick London City Luton
TFL Tube/Train/Bus Zone 1-6 PP £11.80 £11.80 £11.80 £11.80 £11.80
Train (Express Services) PP £22.00 £18.00 £11.70   £14.00
Coach – Nat Exp (65 pick-ups within M25) PP £11.00 £17.00 £11.10   £12.50
Friends, Family & Work colleagues PV £12.50 £15.00 £12.50 £12.50 £15.00
BPHV – A&Ps and 5DS – Saloon 3 Pass PV £33.00 £33.00 £33.00 £33.00 £33.00
PP= Per Passenger            
PV= Per Vehicle            
TFL Tube/Train/Bus Zone 1-6 – only serves Heathrow and London City directly. All others requires a change to join other services except PV            
CommuterShare vs TFL Tube/Train/Bus Zone 1-6            

The above graph shows how price competitive BargainPHV's Airports&Ports and 5Day Service is with existing TfL services. CommuterShare is price compared to TfL Tube/Train/Bus Zone 1-6 oyster/direct debit pay as you go.

Minicabit are BargainPHV's nearest competitor as they recruit PHOs but their approach is to take a commission on the fares. Not something BargainPHV will do.

Internet PHOs follow a price manipulation model to compete for market share. Even though they came with competitive pricing they've compromised both drivers and customers with variable commissions and surge pricing. UberPool, CommuterShares ride-sharing competition, is suffering due to a lack of consideration for its drivers with little/no training and basic logistics.

The Products

  • 5Day Airport Service – allows PHOs to promote their available PHVs/Taxis within 5 days via a simple click request.
  • Airports&Ports – allows customers to book a PHV/Taxi within 30 days using email registration.
  • CommuterShare – follows the same process as Airports&Ports except it is on a per seat basis.

Full details of the above products can be found on the BargainPHV website.


Local and Regional – expand the range for customers + fixed fares = increased revenues


CommuterShare - Taxi drivers introduction, training & certification (through certified PHO or BargainPHV) fee 1 day £30/£50

CommuterShare - Every PHO management & controller’s introduction, training & certification fee 2 days £80

CommuterShare - Every PHD introduction, training & certification (through certified PHO or BargainPHV) fee 1 day £30/£50

CommuterShare – Every certified Taxi driver pays £1 per day paid monthly (first 30 days free)

CommuterShare – Every certified PHD pays £1 per day paid monthly (first 30 days free)

Airports&Ports and 5Day Service - Every Taxi driver pays £2 per day paid monthly (first 30 days free)

Airports&Ports and 5Day Service - Every PHD driver pays £2 per day paid monthly to PHO (first 30 days free)

  CommuterShare TDS £30 CommuterShare PHDs £30 CommuterShare Training TDS £50 CommuterShare Training PHDs £50 CommuterShare Training PHOs £80   Per Month (£)  
December 0 0 150 2,000 50   £111,500.00  
Totals 0 0 150 2000 50      
Totals (£) £0.00 £0.00 £7,500.00 £100,000.00 £4,000.00   £111,500.00  
  APPS & 5Days TDS £60 APPS & 5Days PHDS £60 Marketing       Per Month (£)  
December 250 2,000 £100,000       £235,000.00  
Totals 250 2000            
Totals (£) £15,000.00 £120,000.00 £100,000       £235,000.00  
                Total 2016
  CommuterShare TDS £30 CommuterShare PHDs £30 CommuterShare Training TDS £50 CommuterShare Training PHDs £50 CommuterShare Training PHOs £80   Per Month (£)  
January 0 0 120 300 100   £29,000  
February 150 5000 100 300 100   £182,500  
March 270 1000 100 200 100   £61,100  
April 370 1500 100 150 100   £76,600  
May 470 1500 100 150 100   £79,600  
June 570 2000 100 150 100   £97,600  
July 670 2000 100 200 100   £103,100  
August 770 2000 100 150 100   £103,600  
September 870 2000 100 150 100   £106,600  
October 970 2000 100 200 100   £112,100  
November 1070 2000 100 100 100   £110,100  
December 1170 2000 100 100 100   £113,100  
Totals 7350 23000 1220 2150 1200      
Totals (£) £220,500 £690,000 £61,000 £107,500 £96,000   £1,175,000  
  APPS & 5Days TDS £60 APPS & 5Days PHDS £60 Marketing       Per Month (£)  
January 50 500 £125,000       £158,000.00  
February 100 400 £50,000       £80,000.00  
March 120 300 £150,000       £175,200.00  
April 200 400 £200,000       £236,000.00  
May 200 600 £300,000       £348,000.00  
June 200 500 £300,000       £342,000.00  
July 200 400 £500,000       £536,000.00  
August 200 300 £500,000       £530,000.00  
September 200 400 £350,000       £386,000.00  
October 200 500 £400,000       £442,000.00  
November 200 500 £500,000       £542,000.00  
December 200 500 £400,000       £442,000.00  
Totals 2320 7300            
Totals (£) £139,200 £438,000 £3,775,000       £4,352,200.00  
                Total 2017


Why will the above revenue format work?

On all BargainPHV products all drivers will be treated equally on charges. Taxi drivers can accept bookings whereas PHDs are reliant on PHOs as that's the law in London.

As CommuterShare is a new service all drivers will need to be registered and certified for the duration of their individual licences. Both trade drivers will have a choice of being trained through BargainPHV or PHOs. The PHOs can make money from training the PH/Taxi drivers as well as recruiting PHDs regionally so increasing revenues.

Marketing revenue over a short period of time will attract car manufacturers, airlines, travel companies, London's tourism and suppliers to both trades. The role for the marketing department is to 1; increase revenue for BPHV and 2; create promotions and incentives for both trades. Examples: Airline offers free Airports&Ports rides for business and first class passengers, or, Thorpe Park promotes discounted admission prices for customers using CommuterShare. The drivers still get the same revenue from the fixed fares and BPHV gets agreed income from both companies.

Why will companies use BPHV marketing? Price and captured audience. In a PHV or Taxi the customer will see what the promoter wants them to see and given the potential is thousands of rides per day allows BPHV to negotiate deals not only for itself but also for both trades and the customers.

The revenue for drivers of CommuterShare rests on one question? How many of the 5m daily commuters will use CommuterShare based on £5 to anywhere within London's M25? The answer is whatever you believe based on today's economic climate. My thinking is that the fixed price position will attract 40% of the 5m as 30% can't afford it and the other 30% are too rich to bother with it.

Therefore 40% of 5m equals 2m commuters. The supply maths is not hard to work out, If you take 12 commuters per day using a single saloon on 4 separate trips this equates to £84 in fares taking approximately 6 hours to complete at £14 per hour. Meaning that; 1 saloon driver = 12 commuters x 30,000 saloon drivers = 360,000 commuters per day.

Airports&Ports and the 5Day Service only has one rule. Link a local airport fare with a regional airport fare or match two regional fares. Marketing in countries like China, USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and India is vital to obtain bums on seats when visitors arrive in London.


Profit and Loss

  2016 2017
Staff £20,000 £500,000
Marketing £40,000 £750,000
Offices & Furniture £7,000 £35,000
Hosting & IT £3,000 £10,000
Insurance £1,000 £3,000
Tax £0 £35,000
PAYE & NI £6,000 £55,000
Utilities £2,000 £25,000
Expenses £10,000 £30,000
Legals £2,000 £20,000
Total Expenditure £91,000 £1,463,000
Revenue £346,500 £5,527,500
Vat £68,660 £1,081,400
Profit £186,840 £2,983,100
Crowdfunder Revenue £225,000  
Crowdfunder Refund £25,000 £200,000
Total Profit £386,840 £2,783,100


The Opportunity

Expansion to other UK cities and towns then a global track taking into account regional variations.

What investment am I looking for?

London will be the first city to launch and the investment for this proposal is just for London. £225,000 to hire staff and begin marketing with a return of 100% on the pledged fixed prices. I will also offer franchises of £5,000 per city and town after London is fully operational.

Marketing strategy


PHOs, PHDs and Taxi drivers are very sceptical as they have been badly effected by Internet PHOs and aggregators antics and will want to see real demand. I hope to convince both trades to engage by using Crowdfunder to attract customers although there is history between them and they may procrastinate for a couple of months. I also plan a couple of ads in the trade magazines and engage on message boards to get them to sign-up asap.


Engage Crowdfunder to create demand by asking customers to pledge either £1 or their first fares. As Crowdfunder is independent this will give confidence to the trades. I will look to initially use both Facebook and Twitter to introduce CommuterShare via a social media company to promote the £5 fare. Once this takes off we need to get PHOs and Taxi drivers to visit BargainPHV's Facebook and Twitter page to increase confidence in signing-up customers.

30 days before launch date will come two main stream paper articles/radio ads to get customers to register and book their first CommuterShare rides.


The Close

Airports&Ports & 5Day Service has been reduced to highlights in this proposal. The potential for back-to-back London airport fares has never been realised due to the large number of PHOs and Taxi drivers competing for incoming visitors. Once Airports&Ports gets discovered by travel agents they will use it as their main source for securing their London PHV/Taxi fares. They will be able to access thousands of operators and taxi drivers in one trading environment.

Currently PHOs and Taxi drivers only have the local environment as their main income source. BargainPHV gives them two additional income streams which then allows for more opportunity to earn everyday. This is new to them and requires them to change their ways if they want to prosper.

Investors need to realise that manipulating fares will never work fairly for either customers or drivers. The only way forward for customers, drivers, operators, local & central governments, environmentalists and investors is a BargainPHV channel solution offering a new regional environment to trade.

Private Hire ride-sharing/carpool has only been in operation under a year. Taxis in London offer ride-sharing in emergency situations with variable prices but it's at the discretion of the taxi driver. There are few reasons why it is not promoted generally. One is spontaneous bookings have low success when looking for two or more fares, at that moment, heading in the same direction.

The CommuterShare revenues are an educated guess as this is a unique situation. My view is that no matter what I do trying to get suppliers signed-up asap it won't be enough as the customer will rush to try something different. London's tube, trains and bus fares have increased up to 25% since 2010 with very little improvement in time keeping. Those price increases has now made the £5 fare more appealing to the commuters.

Transport for London are actively supporting private enterprise which delivers evolutionary progress in reducing waste and costs of public transportation. This crowdfunder initiative will see if customers and trades want to do what’s best for the environment by ride-sharing on fixed fares.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

Mr Bill Hanlon

Creator of BargainPHV

The image below show fares and rules of all services