Bar in the sky

Be A Part Of Something Great

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Be A Part Of Something Great

B.I.T.S Bar In The Sky main objective it to creat a happy unique experience where you get to experience an event like no other that you'll remember for ever

A night out with a difference where you get to meet like minded people and have fun

My Company has been in the entertainment business for year and have decide to push to deliver the most unique events.

So We manage to find a Boeing 747 which we could customise to acomodate patrons while also having a dance floor where you will be able to get to party like never before while flying over the world.

Flights will initially be departing from London where you'll fly north to get a glimps of the northern lights before Making the journey back

The experience will last 8 hours which will allow 7 hours of uninterrupted partying

We also offer a V.I.P lounge on the Upper Deck where you you have more of a personal touch to your experience

Flights will be all inclusive and fully staffed with staff on hand to cater and keep you safe in the sky

We will offer great music and live performances for your entertainment