Bar Blah
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To buy this caravan, set up a beach bar in Tenerife during the Winter. Then return home in the Spring for the wedding and festival season.

by Lee Ellwood in London, England, United Kingdom

I would like to start small, but within 5 years I would have at least another 5 outlets. 

To eradicate the chance of staff occasionally taking money from cash sales. All the outlets would be contactless only.

All crowdfunders would receive a cash percentage sum every two months and a full report on the financials of the business.

The gentleman I am buying from has been running this very successfully for years now and has provided me with breakdown of his profits over the years. He can also introduce me to all the contacts I would need and is willing to help set up the legal side of things.

For a small investment from a few people I could set up a really thriving business, with those investing making a profit too.

Please contact me if you require more information.

Thanks! Lee

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