Baobab Women's Project

Baobab Women's Project

Solidarity support and advocacy with asylum seeking, refugee and migrant women

We did it!

On 2nd Jul 2017 we successfully raised £590 of £500 target with 16 supporters in 28 days

We need donations to our project - currently we are all volunteers, and have had a small LUSH grant approved for advocate training and drop in advice. We have focused on casework and addressing needs within the local community, with the invaluable support of local projects and groups. We need funds for travel expenses for volunteers to attend sessions, and basic printing and office costs. To grow and develop we also need will funds for awareness raising, networking and attending events to lobby for change. 

  • £9 can cover a days volunteer expenses so that settled refugees and migrants can give peer support and advocate to those seeking assistance at our weekly drop in,  here we give legal support, housing help and health issues.

  • £20 / month allows the advocates to offer a phone line which can be called to answer queries and direct people to the drop in for 1-1 support.

  • £4 can provide a bus pass for advocates to travel with someone to help them access a GP, or attend a court hearing or a signing appointment.

  • £20 provides travel expenses for our asylum seeking steering group of advisors to meet once a quarter, and give feedback and guide the projects aims.

  • £42.78 provides 330 colour pages to print, and 480 black and white ink pages – enough for about 6 months drop and and meeting supplies. 

One inspiring woman, seeking protection,  Malka Al-Haddad, is a published Poet. She wants to print her book of poetry to raise money for Baobab Project, the Leicester City of Sanctuary and East Lindsey Area of Sanctuary Charities. We have blogged two of her poems in the past year - see Santa in Iraq and Over Land Over Sea.

Her poetry book has been  long-listed for the Cinnamon Press pamphlet competition, which had several thousand entries from all over the world.

For now we need to fundraise to enable Malka to publish her book -- we want to raise £500, to print 500 copies, raising £2500 for the three charities / organisations. Can you help? 

Message from Malka, [a potential preface to her book of poems?]:

Im very pleased that my job as a poet has given me the opportunity  to publish a book to support  Baobab Women's Project in Birmingham, Leicester City of Sanctuary and East Lindsey Area of Sanctuary because of their important work with humanitarian support.

I know that there are many people that need help and this what they do. Therefore I'm willing to support them. I would like to help people as much as I can, that is my love, it makes me feel like a better person, I want to help the community in some way a convenient way, because I believe volunteering makes a difference in all lives who participants. 

When I was in Iraq I was working very hard to get good salary to support disadvantaged people and protect women's rights. 

I am now in the UK but I can not earn money or have job because I have not been recognised as a refugee. I'm glad that I have written a poetry book that, I hope, will go onto raise some funding to these small charities / organisation that support refuges and asylum seekers. They aim to make individuals participation positive and help people be themselves again after they lost  hope and their home land. 

You will be able to buy the book and the donation will help asylum seekers save their life and might help them to practice their skills in a positive way, alleviating stress and anxiety. 


Malka Al-Haddad

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