Natural skincare, scientifically formulated.

by Emma Rogers in London, England, United Kingdom

Natural skincare, scientifically formulated.


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Create a range of plastic-free moisturisers which perform as well as high-street brands, but only from natural and sustainable ingredients.

by Emma Rogers in London, England, United Kingdom

Beauty shouldn't cost the Earth

It's time for change. For too long the beauty industry has used chemicals to boost their products, green-washed with "contains natural ingredients" and flooded our planet with plastic. 

Bambu is making a difference by providing an alternative; skincare which is made from only natural ingredients, no nasties, so only goodness being absorbed into the skin. It's a real alternative because I focus on scientifically-formulated products... by working with a Cosmetic Development Chemist I have been able to create a range which rivals that of high street brands, but is truly sustainable and ethical.

By holding myself and my suppliers to the highest ethical and sustainability standards, I know that the ingredients used are pure and harvested in a way which support workers (no unfair work practices or forced labour). Never tested on animals, and the crowdfunding funds will be partially used to obtain EcoCert status for that eco 'seal of approval'. 

All Bambu own-brand products are handmade in the UK.

Why Crowdfund?

Investment in ingredients, formulations and packaging requires costly bulk orders to meet the Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs), often in the 000's, which just can't be reached with the current funding. 

This is where you come in.

By pre-purchasing Bambu skincare products you are supporting the investment needed to meet the MOQs, and also to obtain approvals and certifications (e.g. EcoCert). 

Someone once said that "every purchase is a vote for the world we want to live in." Your vote matters, so make it count. By supporting this crowdfunder you are supporting a British business and voting for a more sustainable world. 

I honestly couldn't do this without you. THANK YOU.

The idea for Bambu Beauty

My name is Emma Rogers; I'm 29, live in Wimbledon and started Bambu Beauty after recognising a gap in the market for genuinely sustainable skincare available in one place online. I wanted to make it easy for people to go plastic-free, and to make truly ethical products.

I started working on Bambu Beauty in June last year after attempting to row across the Pacific; a 2,400 mile journey to raise awareness of plastic pollution. The drive to bring real action to the problem saw me start my journey to making Bambu become a reality. I have poured my heart, soul and savings into making Bambu happen and am so excited to see that demand is steadily growing. 

The next natural step is to have own-brand products, giving more control over the ingredients used and the procurement process; a great example is the Argan Oil which is from a single farm in Morocco. The farm is eco-certified and supports over 600 local women with a fair wage and great working conditions, including a creche for their children. I can't afford to buy the oil wholesale, but by crowdfunding we can make amazing products like this available.

Developing own-brand products is no easy feat, in time or money. With your help we can make this happen.




Funds raised will be used for:

- £2,210: Facial moisturisers including "mattify me", eye cream and night cream;

- £470: Facial cleansers and reusable wipes for clear skin;

- £1,860: Body butters and moisturisers for normal, dry, sensitive and other skin types;

- £850: Natural deodorant made with and without bicarbonate of soda. Effective deodorant, bringing a natural option to those with sensitivities to bicarb;

- £690: Hair oils, waxes and conditioner and beard care products for soft, healthy looking hair;

- £1,240: Anti-anxiety  / stress relief products to relax before bedtime. Starts with a relaxing shower, an indulgent lavender body butter followed by a calm balm and scented pillow;

- £920: Face masks: a range of cleansing face masks suited to a range of skin types, including soothing rose and detoxifying french green clay and green tea masks;

- £635: Body scrubs made from Himalayan salts and nourishing oils; and

- £595; Complimentary products including cosmetics bags, gift sets, candles and more!

All figures include research, development, approval and registration costs. Any funds in excess of the £9,470 target will help fund a new shampoo formulation which is SLS-free, free from parabens, 100% natural, effective, cruelty-free and plastic-free.

Who is behind Bambu Beauty?

Hi, it's me! Emma Rogers; I am a Chartered Accountant and spend my daytime working for a Big 4 firm. I live in London and love being by the sea, so pass a few weekends every year down in Devon. My love for the ocean got me sailing and also trying to row across it (California to Hawaii in 2018), and is what inspires me to campaign for a greener future.

At work I was a key part of the drive to remove plastic from our UK offices; together with the team we achieved this, removing 7.7million items of plastic (wow!). I'm also a community champion for Sustainable Merton and am co-driving the Surfers Against Sewage campaign to make Wimbledon a plastic-free community. 

In my spare time I enjoy rowing on the Thames, which is lucky because I also have a penchant for baking cakes. My mum taught me to bake when I was just old enough - I remember coffee and walnut being my first masterpiece, though how much involvement I actually had, I'm not sure!

A lot of people ask me about the row, so I'll add a bit in just in case you're curious. It was a team of 4 women attempting to row 2,400 miles from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. We were going for the world record of 50 days. 

We set off in June 2018 and rowed head first into a storm. After a couple of days rowing (each rowing 18 hours a day, in shifts of 3 hours on/1 hour off) the weather was too harsh so we went onto anchor; 4 women on a 24ft boat in airtight cabins. The storm subsided, we carried on, but 6 days into the row our skipper fell ill so we withdrew from the race; there was no safe way to continue. I returned to the UK with a fire in my heart to make a real difference on plastic pollution, recognising the key drivers for success:

- making sustainable alternatives easily accessible, and

- quality which competes with high street brands.

As for the row, I have assembled another crew and will be attempting the row again in June 2020 (check out Girls Who Dare), with backup for someone to cover Bambu in my absence.



If you believe in me and what I am creating, please support the campaign.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for supporting a more sustainable future. 



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