Ballot Bin for Smokers

Ballot Bin for Smokers

To install a ballot bin for the smokers to reduce the cigarette butt litter on the ground and protect the smokers from being fined £70!

We did it!

On 23rd Feb 2018 we successfully raised £35 with 3 supporters in 28 days

Morden is at the south end of Northern line, if you don't live or work here, you may have ended up here after a long day when you fall asleep and missed your stop on the way to the south! :)

Love Morden,  is a community of positive residents and businesses who want to make Morden a nicer and more welcoming destination for all residents, visitors and commuters.

We are raising fund to buy a ballot bin, where most of people gather to have a cigarette (which is a space by the bus stop next to the station), so the smokers have a bin to put their cigarette butts in. The cost of it is £220 + VAT) and that is less that the cost of fine for 4 people (£70 each). The bin can be emptied by the local businesses close to it and the officers who fine the smokers as they won't need to visit so often anymore.

We believe, the reason the cigarette butts end up on the ground is that there is no bin for them close to the area that smokers gather. 

Also, we believe that the ballot side of it, will add to the community engagement and bring up a smile to whoever see it, when the questions are chosen carefully to communicate fun, positive and local issues.

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