Balloon Ventures Volunteering

Balloon Ventures Volunteering

Balloon Ventures is government funded to help young entrepreneurs to grow businesses and change their lives.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 One of the first ever international programs to bring people together to have positive changes of many lives. In order to volunteer i am needed to raise a minimum of £800 to allow myself to make a difference within these peoples lives. I will either be travelling to Kenya or Uganda as a volunteer or team leader to use my business skills i have gained from working since 14years within retail and customer service industries. I have just over 8weeks to fundraise this project so its all systems go and every bit of spare time and effort will be going into making this happen. This is something i feel can make people aware of how lucky we are as british citizens and i would like to use my knowledge to the best possible use.

The fact i have previous business experience is a huge bonus and the 10-12 weeks that i will be staying with a host family adapting my life to theirs and making life long friends. This is not just a dream for myself and these young entrepreneurs but a chance of a life time for each and everyones lives to change for the better. We shall help them each invest and share their ideas for their businesses helping them along their journey helping launch products marketing ideas and strategies and most of all getting their business venture off the ground and planning further growth to make it all success.

I will immerse myself into a whole new life style and culture delevloping my own skills as well as show casing my own personal skills. The reason i am crowdfunding as this is a great chance to raise potential funds and also make 'Balloon Ventures' more well known to people who have not heard of it like myself before i applied for ICS volunteering. As this is governemnt funded this is another reason why we are to raise funds to allow us to go and help others in less fortunate countries such as africa latin america etc.


All information if like me you want to make a difference can apply please donate and help me reach my target so i can change the lives of those who need it the most


Thank you for taking time to read my project and making more awareness for this cause

Claire :)