Ballet Barres for our Dance School

Project by Bryony Pickup
Ballet Barres for our Dance School

My school has been around for two and a half years and I would like to purchase three ballet barres for my motivated and dedicated students

We did it!

On 5th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £600 of £600 target with 18 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We will need to move premises in six months time as the studio will currently use is going to be purposed for something else.

I am already looking for a new place to rent but any extra money raised will go towards buying mirrors and a sound system to make our new venue perfect for dance classes and making the change over as smooth as possible!

With it being the season of giving I thought I would give it a go, in an attempt to do something nice for my dance students and hopefully give them a gift in the new year!
I understand that it is an expensive time of year and fully understand if you aren't in the position to donate.
We have started a crowdfunding project where we hope to raise £600.00 to purchase three ballet barres to use in our classes.
These will help with strength building and posture of the dancers.
As a small dance school that has only been running for two years we are exceptionally cheap.
I opened the dance school while completing my masters in dance.
I now offer classes at £20.00 for four weeks, making them the cheapest in the area considering my level of education.
I believe that anyone should have the chance to learn to dance if it is what they are passionate about!
I'm happy to teach anyone who is willing to learn, regardless of age and ability.
Unfortunately, the low income the school produces means that there isn't money left over to buy resources for the school.
Which is why I have started this crowdfunding project!
We have a month to raise £600 which will be enough to purchase three ballet barres.
I have asked around and these are the cheapest ones and extremely reliable. 
This will be a one off purchase for the dance school as they should then last forever.
If we don't raise the £600 in a month then we don't get to keep ANY of the money!
There are lots of rewards available for everyone who donates including free ballet shoes, a school bag or top and some people may even get a FREE class with us!
Please feel free to donate as little as you can afford and I'm so grateful for everyone's help!
Many thanks,
Bryony Pickup and Dance School!
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