Independent Design Studio Needs Your Help!

Independent Design Studio Needs Your Help!

Newly created British design studio needs your help to help our business grow.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


And welcome to our crowd funding page. We are Balance Design Studio, a small British independent design studio based in the north east of England. I am Darren and I created  this little studio.

Balance is an industrial design studio who fuses together industrial materials with modern design using traditional methods.

What started out as a hobby soon became a small part time business, a second income. Selling on the popular auction site eBay, I would take orders through the week and prepare materials and build them on a weekend.

It is because of the popularity of the items I was selling on eBay that I have decided to create a website to showcase the items I have to offer, and hopefully turn a hobby in to a full time job.

Having a website created will not only take my online presence beyond eBay but also help build Balance up as a design studio and brand.

To get website created we need your help. We need to raise £1500 to get our website created. Whilst the website is being created I will use my own funds to design, buy materials and build up items ready to be added to the finished website. Stock photos will be done by us also.

£1500 is the minimum we hope to raise to get the website created, although if we do manage to raise more than this then the extra money will be massively appreciated and used accordingly.

Overfunding, depending by how much could make huge differences in what can be achieved.

£2000 would mean the above plus professional stock images.

£2500 would mean the above plus paid press releases and promotion.

£3000 would mean the above plus development of our second collection.

If you are passionate about industrial design and would like to help a small British brand get off the ground then please help us reach our goal by choosing one of our perks.

What we have to offer is a lamp which was one of our first designs and which will be part of our first collection.

This lamp was sold on eBay and was one of our most popular lamps, selling over 140 within 2 months. It's because of this we have decided to offer it as our way saying thank you.

It is a copper pipe lamp with a vintage Edison globe bulb.

The lamp is created using 15mm copper pipe and is approx 10" in length and width at the base and stands at approx 28" tall.

After this campaign we will be approaching high street stores to try and get our collection stocked by the likes John Lewis etc.

Once added to our site this lamp will retail at  £80, on our campaign we are offering it at the production price of £40.