Bakerbee Bakery online shop launch

by Bakerbee Bakery in Watford, England, United Kingdom

Bakerbee Bakery online shop launch


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We need your help to launch our online delivery service to supply delicious artisan treats to FODMAP followers and brownie lovers nationwide

by Bakerbee Bakery in Watford, England, United Kingdom

About my bakery

Are you sick of not being able to enjoy your favourite bakes? I have launched a Hertfordshire based bakery that comes to the rescue! 

I’m a passionate gluten free and low FODMAP baker, who is also affected by these dietary restrictions, I know exactly how difficult it can be to find tasty treats. My bakery is for people who are looking for a bit of sweetness and that feeling of warmth that a homemade baked good can produce. 

I don't believe that people on low FODMAP or gluten free diets should ever have to settle for second best when it comes to treat time. Our brownies are loved by everyone, and many of our customers don't even realise they are eating something gluten free, and have never heard of the FODMAP diet! In fact, our customers often tell us that our brownies are the best brownies they have ever tasted.

I use the finest of ingredients and enjoy experimenting with new recipes and flavours to produce the best sweet treats for my customers. Our favourites include the salted caramel brownie, lemon drizzle loaf cake and nutella stuffed cookies.


How it all started

I have always loved to bake ever since my mum let me lick the cake mixture from the bowl as a child. Some of my favourite early memories are baking apple pie with my nan and fairy cakes with my mum. Baking has always been a big part of my life.

However, when I was 23 I was diagnosed with IBS. My life was turned upside down, never knowing when I would be ill and what was causing it. I tried so many different ways to control my symptoms, excluding all kinds of foods and trying all kinds of diets, but nothing seemed to be the answer. It affected my life in so many ways and took all the joy out of food.  After years of struggle, finally a doctor recommended to me the FODMAP diet, and finally I found something that gave me some control over my health again, even though it did mean that I had to say goodbye to pickled onion Monster Munch!

I found online some really welcoming communities filled with other IBS sufferers who had found relief with the fodmap diet, but one of the things that we all found difficult was the availability of FODMAP food in shops, cafes and online. I had to learn through trial and error how to create FODMAP friendly versions of all my favourite foods, and eventually that is what lead to me founding Bakerbee Bakery. Every product that I bake is Low FODMAP, gluten free, but still completely delicious.

Until now, Bakerbee Bakery has been trading at local markets in Hertfordshire and has won some loyal fans in the local area. I also supply my products to local cafes. I know from seeing just how many other FODMAP diet followers there are all over the country and how much they all are desperate to buy tasty food that they can safely eat that there is a huge market just waiting for our products. We have also found it increasingly difficult to do business in the local area due to the challenges posed by the Covid 19 crisis, so this feels like the perfect time to expand our business online and launch our online delivery service. However, we need your help to get started! 


My vision

My vision is to launch an online shop, where you will be able to order any of our brownies, cookies, cakes, bread and lots of other delicious treats, all of which will be freshly hand baked by me, safely packaged, shipped and delivered quickly to your door. We will be launching a gift range and will have lots of changing seasonal offerings all year round so that we will always have the perfect gift for the low FODMAP diet follower in your life.  

A successful crowdfunding, will help us to design and launch our new online shop, develop new packaging to safely ship our products to our customers and cover the purchase of new equipment and training to enable us to scale up our operation. It will also allow us to get our products officially certified gluten free by Celiac UK, and to work with dieticians to ensure that all of our products are suitable for the low FODMAP diet. 

How else can you help or be involved?

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Talk about us and spread the word

If you are in the local area come and try our products at Perfect Blend café in Watford, or come and say hi at St Albans Farmers Market where we are a regular fixture.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

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Early Bird Brownie Box

The first 10 people to donate £15 to the Bakerbee crowdfunding campaign will recieve a selection box of 6 of our most popular brownies delivered to your home, including our wonderful chocolate orange, salted caramel, triple chocolate and toasted marshmallow flavours. Yum!

£25 or more

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag and some Brownies!

If you donate £25, not only will you be helping us get off the ground, but we will send you a selection box of 6 of our most popular brownies delivered to your home, including our wonderful chocolate orange, salted caramel, triple chocolate and toasted marshmallow flavours. Not only that, but you’ll get a tote bag that has been specially designed for and only available through our crowdfunding campaign.

£50 or more

I need more brownies!

This level is for true brownie lovers! We'll send you a selection box of six of our favourite brownies, and you can also choose a second box as a gift for someone else (or maybe a cheeky gift for yourself, after all you do deserve it!), either another selection box, or our Christmas selection box full of festive flavours.

£100 or more

It's raining brownies!

A donation of £100 pounds will really get us going towards our goal! To show our thanks we'll send you two selection boxes of brownies (6 in each box), plus our Christmas selection (another six brownies) making 18 brownies! To further show our thanks we'll also send you a specially designed Bakerbee crowdfunder tote bag, a bakerbee notebook and a high quality handmade facemask made by local tailor Saffron Stitch, and a handwritten thank you note.

£500 or more

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£500 Give me all the Brownies....

A £500 donation would give us a big boost towards achieving our dream. At this level, you'll join our exclusive taste test team. We'll send you four boxes of brand new brownie and cookie flavours throughout the year for an exclusive first taste and for your feedback. We'll collaborate with you to design your own favourite brownie flavour, and name it after you for sale on our new website. You'll also receive all the other crowdfunding rewards.

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