Bake Along with Bronya

by Bronya Seifert in Epsom, England, United Kingdom

Bake Along with Bronya


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As I can't make Wedding Cakes at the moment, I'm going to write a recipe book so everyone can make their own scrummy cakes to enjoy at home!

by Bronya Seifert in Epsom, England, United Kingdom

I want to bring you a book of easy to follow, delicious cake recipes!!!

Hi, I'm Bronya and I usually make Wedding Cakes and large Celebration Cakes for a living. I've been doing this for over 10 years!! Since Covid came into view weddings and large celebrations are not allowed to happen. My large cake business and my income, has pretty much all gone.  I was one of the ones who fell through the Government handout gaps, so have received nothing.....not a penny from the tax payer for loss of earnings. But I'm not one for sitting on my hands and wallowing........


During first lockdown I did Free 'Bake Alongs' on my Facebook page. Whilst this was great for using my time, sadly it didn't pay me any wages. However, what it did do was make me realise that people want and love to bake (and not everyone likes banana bread). People want easy to follow recipes that they can make at home.

I believe that cakes should taste as good as they look and I'm constantly writing new recipes and trying new cake flavour combinations. So I figured, why not put all these gems of baking genius into a book so anyone can make scrummy cakes, at home!!


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