Raising 530 £ for the Make-A-Wish organization

We did it!

On 31st Mar 2016 we successfully raised £110 with 6 supporters in 28 days

Our project:

We are a group of five students at the University of Westminster in London that are all studying together in a business marketing class. We are doing a project to raise money for a charity that we chose.

Make A Wish is an organization that help children with life-threatening conditions to live out their biggest dreams. Their mission is to give these children the human experience with joy, strength and hope. We want to contribute to this charity because we think it is an important job to help these children get their hope back which hopefully later can help them to recover from their illnesses.

We are planning to have a bake sale at our campuses at the University of Westminster. Those who donate money to us will be given the chance to come and collect a cupcake from us at our event on later this spring. 

Here are links to our facebookpage with more information:

Here are our sponsors for our event: (Cafe Kula, Vivid and Cafe Creperie)


Here is our team:

Max McMahon

I am an American student studying business here in London for one semester.I am a management leadership major with a focus on sales back at Northern Illinois University and am interning with Graybar over the course of this summer. I am in my third year of school and will be graduating in May of 2017 so I thought that I should give studying abroad before I graduated from school and have to get settled in with my career. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and an ice cold beer every once and a while.


Nasim Moradifar

I'm a second year student in Westminster university,studying business management. The reason why I chose developing practical entrepreneurs ideas is not just it seemsto be interesting module but also I want to develop a critical understanding of the use of specific business as well as taking responsibility for our own learning,negotiations and decision making in team works. I hope we can achieve our group goals efficientlyduring our meetings.





Josefie Nyberg

My name is Josefie Nyberg and I am a exchange student from Sweden. I was born in Stockholm and later moved across Sweden to go to University to study International Marketing. I am currently in my second year of studies, and will graduate in 2017. After my graduation, I have plans of starting my own business and this is why I am taking this module. I love meeting new people and explore the world, and this is why I have moved to London for this semester.


Fadime Cansu

I am an exchange student from Bremen/Germany. Currently, I am studying the last semester of my studies in international business management. I chose this module because I enjoy organizing events, working in a team and also to learn many new things and to make experiences. My family is originally from Turkey and I grew up in two cultures. Therefore, I love traveling, exploring new cultures and meeting new people. That's also the reason why I decided to spent my exchange year in London.


Medina Guseyn-Zade

Hi, my name is Medina! Im from Azerbaijan and I'm currently studying in London. I believe that this Charity project will bring much more happiness to children and it would be much appreciated if you join and participate with us! 




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