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Bag of Hope Food Parcels

by Sarah Kennedy-Ratcliffe in Llandudno, Wales, United Kingdom

Bag of Hope Food Parcels


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Hope Restored offers a range of services including a food parcel service, Bag of Hope to those in need.

by Sarah Kennedy-Ratcliffe in Llandudno, Wales, United Kingdom

1596185303_boss-218x300.jpgBrenda Started Hope Restored back in 2010 after realising that there was a desperate need for action in the Llandudno area to help the homeless and needy.

Back In those early days it was known as ‘Sandwich Seekers’ and Brenda soon realised that the multitude of homeless and needy needed something more than a cold snack. One day a visitor asked “why it was called ‘Sandwich Seekers’ when you arrive with nothing, but leave with hope!” And Hope Restored was born.

Brenda could often be found late at night, driving around the area distributing food and blankets to the homeless community and when asked why she did it, her reply was,

“I know what it is like to be homeless, hungry and in need of help. That was me many years ago!”

Hope Restored has gone from strength to strength, staffed by a dedicated crew of volunteers, many whom had seeked out Brenda for help when they found themselves homeless and in need, and now happy to devote some of their time to Hope Restored as a way of saying thank you.

From the humble start of providing sandwiches to a small group, Hope Restored regularly provides hot meals, twice a week, to anywhere from 20 to 30 hungry mouths, and sadly, the numbers are increasing all the time. The Coronavirus crisis has seen numbers of people seeking support through our food bank Bag of Hope rise to 20 plus a day. This is a significant increase and we desperately need your help to sustain the level of food bags that we are currently providing.

Hope Restored is a wonderful organisation who is looking to the future. We hope to continue to build resilience by extending our services and support. The key to our work is being adaptable and rising to new challenges as they occur. Being a seaside town Llandudno will suffer from the effects of coronavirus for some time. We have already seen job losses from hotel chains collapsing and as a town built on hospitality we will continue to see hardship in the coming winter months. But with your support we can continue to develop our services to meet those needs.

Below are just a few of the wonderful testimonials we have received.


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