Worst Year Turn Around? Help for Xbox!!!

Worst Year Turn Around? Help for Xbox!!!

A simple start which would not only make me the happiest I've been in years, it's the step to take me and possibly other into the future!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

After having the worst two years of my life, from homeless shelters to bail hostel, days without food and various states of bullying and depression. I have finally turned it around. Recently enrolling on a access to health professions course, finding and about to move into  a decent home with a good housemate - it's creeping to my birthday 26.09.2016 and my family are still trying to tell me what it is I need!

When to be frank I just want an Xbox not just for me but for the possibilities it could open. Plus I haven't owned a console in two years after gaming for 18 years! 

I used to play professional gaming and streams, after the years I've had I hope to use this to help people grow back into community as it once helped me do. Not everybody can thrive to fame or develop stand out skills but everybody can play an Xbox in the winter rains of the U.K.. 

So I hope to become a social worker and grow recognition through gaming to the benefits of gaming, it's people and potential of both. 

Starting my first crowd fund for a present and the future, I hope this works and if any donators would like to discuss my ideas I would love to discuss.