Back to the Future

by The MALESTROM in Southport

We did it
On 7th May 2018 we successfully raised £1,845 with 8 supporters in 42 days

With over 12 months of hard work, we're are now looking to build The MALESTROM into a sustainable online platform with even richer content.

by The MALESTROM in Southport

Back in late 2016, the two of us set up The MALESTROM with the simple aim of creating a captivating media platform where men with different lifestyles and ways of thinking could enjoy a regular dose of inspiring articles on everything from films and books to sport and food & drink and most things in between.  

We brought together our years of experience at the highest level in the world of mainstream media, in entertainment TV and and 24 hour news, to pull together what we thought would be a quite interesting website, only to find very quickly that hundreds of thousands of like-minded men and women around the world also found it a quite interesting site too. In fact, it was more than just ‘quite interesting’, they bloody loved it. 

Very quickly it became clear that we were onto something - and the audience reach that we achieved in such a short space of time made us think we should keep going.

And so we did.  We continued to pull in unique and diverse interviews with people from all walks of life and maintain the kind of editorial quality that big players in that part of the media would be very proud of themselves.

In fact, we now realise we actually achieved the most difficult bit first. Most new media ventures start with finding advertisers, sponsors and investors, and then develop content around it to reach their target audiences. 

We’re calling this campaign Back to the Future, because we started The MALESTROM back to front. We found our audience first and developed our creative product, and now we’re looking for crowdfunding investment to take The MALESTROM into it's next phase of development. In order for us to keep up with audience demand our company needs to shift from being a homespun enterprise into a professional outfit. 

If you’re willing to join us on the next stage of our journey you’ll be part of an exciting venture that will make The MALESTROM a sound and sustainable platform that has even richer creative content and brand profile. 

So what do we need £40k for?

We need the money for creative development in order to become bigger and better. We want to deliver our readers bigger interviews and even better, more in-depth unique features. Exciting and engaging content is, after all, the very reason why we’ve been so committed to Project MALESTROM.

We also need to invest in business development so that The MALESTROM can develop sponsorship and investment opportunities to keep all of our content free to readers, something we feel passionate about. The ability to create campaigns and marketing assets will further help spread the word about the website. 

Also our current hardware and software is taking a hammering, in some cases to the point of attracting the attention of museum curators. An updated hosting platform will mean we can keep on handling the demand of the extra thousands of visitors we’re seeing month on month. 

Our ambitions are first and foremost rooted in our desire to continue developing closer bonds with our readers through content that reflects the issues, concerns and material wants of our age.  A stunning new book, a great film, a craft beer to die for, or maybe a life affirming interview that makes you think I really can change my life for the better.

These, and many more, remain the important elements that make the rest of the work, life, home equation achieve a semblance of balance. The MALESTROM aims to play some part in making this work for readers all over the world. Which is why we’re now looking for crowdfunders to help us continue on our quest to keep our content flowing.

The MALESTROM has exceed all our expectations, but in order to sustain this incredible new media platform we need to invest in key assets that, in turn, will help us grow into the long standing lifestyle magazine readers can enjoy for years to come.

Crowdfunding is part of a longer term fundraising strategy aimed at laying the foundations for a financially robust media platform that will eventually become sound and sustainable by us attracting sponsors and advertisers.

Your investment and belief in us is just the start.

Visit to see what we've been up to. 

Thank You!

James & James 


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A monumental tenner

Everyone who supports our Back to the Future campaign is a MALESTROM hero, and even a tenner gets your name on our MALESTROM B2TF Monument on our website as a thank you for believing in our future.

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The Mighty MALESTROM Mug

In years to come, this small but mighty recognition of your support could become a collector's item. In the meantime, £25 gets you handsome piece of crockery to hold your chosen beverage while you browse the pages on our site. It's even designed to take gin.

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Seeing as we're in the media business, how does a bespoke newsletter sent to all your customers sound. Yes, we'll create a bespoke piece of fancy digital marketing for you based on your specified needs, with tailored content designed to make an impact on your target audience.

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Our crowdfunding campaign is as ambitious as we are, which is why our MALESTROM MASSIVE gives those of you with the resources to make a major gift the chance to become part of a unique collective of MALESTROM MASSIVE supporters. We'll do everything you deem appropriate to raise awareness of your generosity.

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