BackingFracking launch

BackingFracking launch

We're campaigning in support of fracking, and need help raising funds for a website, some flyers and other expenses to help us get going!

We did it!

On 13th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £1,100 with 24 supporters in 42 days

Project aim

We're campaigning in support of fracking, and need help raising funds for a website, some flyers and other expenses to help us get going!

About the project

We are a group of UK residents that believe shale gas has the potential to create better jobs, better pay and better prospects for people in areas of the country that need it the most.

Take Blackpool as an example.

Blackpool is a place where:

Life expectancy is below the UK average

41% of houses fail to meet the Decent Homes Standard

5.8% of working age adults claim Job Seekers Allowance

13.5% of homes experience fuel poverty

34% of children live in poverty

The average weekly wage is £320.  

It needs the sort of year-round, well paid jobs that shale gas could one day provide.

But right now, further exploration is being blocked by professional activists, political campaigners and environmental charities who have worked hard to create the perception that shale gas isn't wanted by our communities.  

We know that isn't true, and that plenty of people support fracking, but they lack a voice.

How we'll use your donations

It's not fair how professional activists, political campaigners like Vivienne Westwood, and environmental charities like Greenpeace have so far been able to influence politicians and decision-makers to think that fracking is dangerous, puts our health and well-being at risk, and isn't wanted.

We'll use your donations to create a website and resources such as flyers and other literature that put fracking into perspective.  We want to be able to connect shale gas supporters from all walks of life, and bring them together to show local councillors, MPs and government that we believe in shale gas and want to see it go ahead for the benefit of communities everywhere.

Thanks for helping us get this going!

This isn't just about new jobs

Arthur is an ordinary, down to earth, hard working Lancashire lad that's recently been made redundant from a drilling company.  He's not the only one suffering because of the delays to on-shore oil and gas exploration being caused by protestors.  Read his story here 

Arthur Parson on BackingFracking

So, while we think shale gas has amazing potential to create lots of new jobs, we shouldn't forget those jobs that are already dependent on the UK on-shore oil and gas industry right now.

Other ways you can help

Write to your parish, borough and county councillors and express your support for shale gas.

Write to your MP (you can find out who that is here

Send a letter to your local newspaper to tell them you're backing fracking for jobs

Organise a picnic in the park and tell friends and family the facts about fracking

Show your support with a Facebook or Twitter Twibbon

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Follow us on Twitter @BackingFracking

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