Send me back to South Africa

by Sarah Halliday in Horsham, England, United Kingdom

Send me back to South Africa
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I'm fundraising so that I can return to South Africa and continue work in community development with South African and UK NGO's.

by Sarah Halliday in Horsham, England, United Kingdom


Thank you for coming to check out yet another crowdfunding page. 

To make a concrete response to the appeal of our brothers and sisters in humanity, we must come to grips with the first of these challenges: solidarity among generations, solidarity between countries and entire continents so that all human beings may share more equitably in the riches of our planet. This is one of the essential services that people of good will must render to humanity. The earth, in fact, can produce enough to nourish all it's inhabitants, on the condition that the rich countries do not keep for themselves what belongs to all. 

-Pope Benedict XVI 

The good news is that my employers have released me for 5 weeks so that I can further fulfil the work that I was involved in back in 2016 in South Africa with Tearfund and Zoe-Life. So here I am again, round 2, aiming to raise £250 to put towards my return trip! 

I went to South Africa in 2016 and lived in a Zulu community for 3 months in the rural, impoverished community of Weenen, KZN. I was part of a team who worked in partnership with and along side our host partners Mike & Jen Clark who pioneer Wellspring ministries. Weenen is known as 'The town of weeping' and quite rightly so... but Wellspring are the reason behind the movement and sustainable change that is transforming the community into the place that God predestined it to be in all of it's glory. 

As many of you will know, my time in SA was a transformative experience for me and God fully restored me throughout the duration of those 3 months. Recently, I have had dreams and visions shared with me about God calling me back to my place of restoration and I fully trust and believe that his calling for me is to go back to Weenen; to further continue the work that I was a part of, as well as the work that is continually being driven into the community. Additionaly, by  returning to South Africa, I will be able to gain more experience in community and international development which is incalculable for me to best succeed with a career in international development. 

The work that I have and could be involved in again has plenty of scope for creative innovation and flexibility but can consist of programmes similar to those previously completed:

  • ESL in local schools 
  • Homework clubs 
  • Rural outreach/evangelism
  • Awareness events 
  • Youth mentoring groups 
  • Life skills in youth clinics 
  • Development of foundation years in schools and creche's
  • Helping the church where necessary E.G Kingdom Kidz

In addition to those listed above and new/upcoming projects, I will also be spending some time in Durban working with Zoe-Life.  Zoe-Life works with over 60 different communities across South Africa with children, communities, churches and countries to bring authentic abundance. Their key interventions include; KidzAlive, Confident Communicators, HIV I-ACT, Nutrition, Organisational Development and Community mobilisation. They facilitate authentic abundance through relationship building, system strengthening, impacting individuals and skills development. 

I personally didn't have this penciled into my 3 year plan but God never ceases to surprise and mess up our plans in his creative and awesome ways! I know that by returning to SA I will reap many benefits as well as sowing many benefits into the communities in SA. I'm continuing to say 'yes' to him and following him to where the need is greatest. He has already prepared the way by releasing me from work (who have also contributed greatly toward my trip) as well as providing accommodation, food and support. All I have left to do is fundraise some finances to contribute towards my trip. Last time I went to SA my expenses were covered by the DfID, however this time it's down to me solely, so I would really appreciate your continued financial support for this journey so that it can come into a place of reality. I am working in 2 jobs over the next 2 months to fund myself but I still need some help! I am pledging to raise a minimum £250 but I wouldn't stop there because his grace will provide tenfold more than neccassary. This money will go towards my flights (to and from), in-country travel and any extra expenditures. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this - do check out the links below to find out a little bit more about what I'm immersing myself in again. Feel free to chat to me if you would like to know anything more. 

Sarah Halliday. 

We can make our plans but the Lord determines our steps. -Proverbs 16:9 

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