Back to School Bank Edinburgh

Back to School Bank Edinburgh

our aim is to set up a School Uniform Bank for kids who need help getting a new school uniform as a result of poverty in Edinburgh

We did it!

On 22nd Sep 2015 we successfully raised £1,335 of £500 target with 57 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

We plan to keep fundraising for winter coats and shoes/boots as well as school uniforms, which we know are always needed.  Winter is coming.....


many thanks

Project aim

our aim is to set up a School Uniform Bank for kids who need help getting a new school uniform as a result of poverty in Edinburgh


About the project

The idea is simple. Just like a food bank, we started a school uniform bank to help kids affected by poverty to have the things they need for a good education.

It is estimated that this year 100,000 kids in Scotland will be living below the poverty line. Their families will struggle to clothe and feed them, and for many a new school uniform is out of reach. We live in times where teachers report they're having to provide items to children themselves, or wash uniforms during PE lessons as families have no facilities at home. Some kids wear uniforms that they've grown out of, and as a result are easily singled out for bullying.

We think every child should have a decent school uniform, and we aim to provide that to those families who do not have the means to do so. Our intention with this fundraiser is to get enough stock to provide uniforms to those referred to us (we accept referrals from schools, charities, social work, GPs, foodbanks, religious organisations, community groups etc). All funds raised willl go on supplies. We don't have paid staff, just volunteers. We will be raising funds continually and accepting new donated items to replace items as they are distributed. If you can't help us with donation, maybe you could volunteer your time, energy and skills. We need people who can collect donations, fundraise (could you do a coffee morning or a bake sale?), deliver items, make gym bags, knit hats and scarves and to set up banks in their town and promote our work.

It costs about £150 to provide a proper school uniform, which will include a warm outdoor coat, gloves, hat and scarf (where required), a full PE kit, shoes, the uniform itself (including underwear, socks, tights and vests) and a stationery stocked school bag.

If you can buy even one item, or donate enough for us to buy the items from local stockists, we can start helping the poorest kids in our society go to school with some dignity and with right kit to get the most out of their education. We want them to know they are valued and remove a roadblock to a good education that should just not exist in 21st century Scotland.

Thank you in advance for your help

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