Back to Poland (Phase 1)

The “Back to Poland” campaign will advocate to Polish citizens, working and living in the UK, the benefits of returning to Poland and using their full physical, intellectual and social potential as individuals and responsible citizens for the better of Poland as a whole. The Method of achieving the Aim of the “Back to Poland” campaign is by providing an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive coaching so the individual can contribute positively to his community and country.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Our mission is to inform Polish Citizens in the UK about the much improved conditions in Poland and to entice them the return to Poland with the new skills they acquired in the UK.


In the past 10 years, since Poland became part of the European Union, the Polish community in the UK increased dramatically. Listening and reading comments by Politicians lately it seems that a threshold has been reached in the amount of Poles that can be accommodated in the UK.

It is fair to say that before Poland becoming a member of the EU a large part of the Polish community in the UK was employed as highly skilled individuals. Think about all the quality doctors and other professionals that could be found all over the country.

That situation has changed dramatically in the recent past and now there is a situation where the ordinary UK citizen is competing with young Poles for jobs in the UK. These young Poles left Poland to live the “English Dream” just to find out that life for the average Brit is not much better thank for the working class Pole.

How are we going to do this?

We aim to entice Polish Citizens, living and working in the UK, to visit us at our resort in the South East of the country, attend our “Welcome Back Revolution Seminar” and to show them what opportunities are available in the country for those that managed to obtain new skills and experience during their stay in the UK.

After attending the seminar we spend all our time working with individuals, providing them with the right information to make sure their potential is achieved in Poland.

We will have access to:

·         daily updates of available jobs for skilled individuals in Poland,

·         information regarding European Funding to entrepreneurs,

·         information regarding large scale projects plans

·         nationwide tender bulletins

which will be made available to our attendees to help them make the decision to return to Poland.

How are we going to spend the funds we want to raise?

The resort is situated in the Podkarpackie province in South East Poland, 70km South of the Provincial Capital, Rzeszow, and 14 km North East of the regional city, Sanok. (

The resort’s name is “Raj nad Sanem” (Paradise on the San) and my wife and I are the sole owners of the property and we have no bonds or debts on the property.

To facilitate our aim we need to invest in the following:

Phase 1: (£10,000)

·         Design and fund a marketing campaign in the UK to reach our target market.

·         Training of and accreditation of two additional facilitators (Success Coaches)

Phase 2: (£18,500)

·         Renovations to our conference facility.

.         Facilitating and signing agreements with service providers in UK.

Phase 3: (£16,500)

·         Upgrading our safety systems.

·         Applying for a rating as Coaching Center from relevan European ratings agency.

About us:

My wife and I emigrated from South Africa to Poland in January 2011. She was born in Poland and returned with me after a 30 year absence. I am a Success Coach, accredited with the International Coaching Federation and my wife has qualifications in “Elderly Care” and worked in the UK until recently. We have the experience and qualifications to make this project work.

One of the first observations we made was how much Poland has changed since our last visit (12 years) prior to emigrating. And at the same time we noticed that the attitude of Poles towards their own country has not change a bit. They were convinced Poland was the worst place on earth and that the UK was the alpha-and-omega, totally oblivious from the opportunities around them.

Now don’t get me wrong. Starting up in Poland was not easy from a foreigner’s perspective. We didn’t speak the language, the food were foreign, and in general the Polish community was not easy to join. However it is more than 3 years later and we survived and even managed to move forward in our goals.

If we could make a success of it, what stops them to be even more successful?

 What are the outcomes we want to achieve?

·         Each Polish citizen that returns to Poland with their newly acquired skills can contribute to their local community and for the better of the country in general.

·         Each Polish citizen that returns to Poland vacates a job that will now be able to be filled by an UK national.

·         Each backer that we get through will get to visit us at our resort to see firsthand what we have achieved.

Poland wins,

UK wins,

Our Backers wins.

It is a win/win/win.

I’ve investigated some of the great projects that were funded on this platform and I am convinced that we fit that same profile. As a matter of fact we are the only project that gives more back to our backers than what they have invested.

This is an exciting journey and we would love you to be part of it. 

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