Achieving fairness & equal opportunities at work

by Back to bAIsics in London, England, United Kingdom

Achieving fairness & equal opportunities at work


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Wherever & whoever you are, COVID & social tensions have touched your life. What if there was a way to make what comes next fairer & better?

by Back to bAIsics in London, England, United Kingdom

Between the financial challenges and changes imposed by COVID 19, and the MASSIVE shift in global consciousness around equality and inclusion, things like a business's operational efficiency, competitive advantage and profitability have rarely been more important.

bAIsics is a software product that will enable quick, fair, democratic connection of people to opportunities, people to key resources, and people to people based on skills, experience and development needs. With organisations having to find who knows what in the quickest way and in virtual environments, and with people joining organisations and never getting the chance to 'network' or get 'face time' with colleagues so they're front of mind for opportunities, the risks range from missing out on getting the best people for specific jobs, and losing the best people because they feel isolated and invisible.

Beyond optimising efficiency and mitigating the impact of remote working, my solution minimises bias, increases transparency and maximises the ability to attract & retain top talent. The message has been clear for a long time, and there's so much evidence to support it - INCLUSION AND DIVERSITY MAKE SENSE. Business, financial and common sense. It's basic fact.

And the wins won't go away when COVID 19 does...

Many organisations are working remotely due to COVID and that's likely to remain in place from a flexibility and cost saving perspective. It's also important in light of the huge, long overdue focus on making access to opportunities more equal regardless of race, gender, age, sexuality, ability etc. Those organisations that can combine offers of flexible and remote working with mechanisms (like my platform) that guard against being forgotten, being blind to opportunities and being unable to have equal consideration for opportunities is a massive win both on a retention and an attraction front.
So to summarise (without spilling ALL the tea!) my product will:

1. Remove reliance on immediate networks and staffing projects or roles based on who you're immediately aware of. Instead, you can tap into the broadest, best talent pool based on required skills and experience;

2. Mitigate impact of remote working from an access to opportunity perspective because the two way algorithm both signposts relevant opportunities directly to individuals and flags them in the system to those looking for resources;

3. Anonymise users whose profiles focus just on relevant data like skills, experience, interests, career objectives etc. mean equitable access with bias stripped out;

4.  Connect people to support frameworks and networks based on their user profiles, and provide them with targeted support and developmental interventions;

5. Leverage existing tech platforms and plugs into them rather than rendering all the investment in tools redundant. This simply uses artificial intelligence to make existing data and tools work better.

Why does this matter?  

We've already covered how COVID has transformed how we work and will work. We've also seen how certain groups are denied access to opportunities despite having the required skills, because either they're not in the right place at the right time; didn't go to the same school; don't share the same after work hobbies; happen to be new to the organisation; can't attend after work socials due to caring responsibilities etc.


The opportunities you have at work and who gets to see you shine have a direct impact on:

a. Your sense of belonging, fair treatment and inclusion;

b. Your ability to be seen by those in positions of influence;

c. Your ability to secure those opportunities to shine and therefore earn the recognition that could secure you that promotion or pay rise.

d. What happens in c. directly affects your financial positioning, which impacts where you live, access to healthcare, ability to buy property, ability to save etc.


Diversity during COVID-19 still matters | McKinsey

Why I need your help
Female. Foreign (and African foreign to boot!). Woman. Single parent (to a mixed heritage boy). At this stage, founders usually tap into family and friends. That's not quite so easy when your family and friends are either back in Africa or looking after their extended families here and back in Africa. It's tough, and I get it because it's my reality too. So despite having learnt early on (out of necessity) to just go it alone and find a way, I'm putting my dream out there and hoping you will see not just why this needs to happen, but how it will change so much for so many.

Why I'm a sure bet...
I've been fortunate enough to work in several complex, global, large organisations in industries including financial services, legal and the not for profit sector. I've also led various initiatives targeting equality, diversity and inclusion, and had the chance to drive large scale technology transformations designed to make people's lives easier, more efficient and of course, more profitable for the organisation. I've got 16 years of solid experience behind me, and I'm one of those people who is always curious and entrepreneurial in both thinking and approach to problem solving.

Coupled with that, I couldn't be any more highly motivated!  This is personal because obviously it benefits everyone now, and can hopefully, standardise not just how organisations do things, but the mindset shift that is also prompted by this technology.  That change of thinking is what is key to sustainable change being achieved.  

Be part of something magical and necessary...
Getting this right is at the root of some of the disparities we've seen emphasised through the lens of COVID 19, but which have existed for so many years. By backing me, you're helping to bring something tangible and game changing into one of the biggest arenas where this disparity grows roots and flourishes. Let's start to make this field a little more level for everyone who wants to play in it. 


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Let's make 'Achieving fairness & equal opportunities at work' happen

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