Back support

Back support

The aim with your help is to make a new future for me and other people with back pain who feel there life is over or no meaning

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I only want to help people 

The aim with your help is to make a new future for me and other people with back pain who feel there life is over or no meaning

Please take a second to read as this might be you or you are living with someone or even have a friend in need  

Do u have a bad back or bad pain that takes over your life 

Do miss out with your family because of pain,mood or painkillers 

Do you feel alone 

Feel like people  do not understand 

Do you feel like there is no point in you life that you are pointless or given up on your life because you are useless and can be there person you were 

Please excuse my picture it's who I was who is in me now wanting to get back out and help others and it's easy on the eye 

I used to be a happy hard working guy I was a carpenter and a security guard I loved surfing gym or making people happy and smile 5 yrs ago I had a head on car crash where an old man drove the wrong way up a slip road because of this I have lost everything I struggle to be a person a dad a friend a partner

This accident Has left me a shell of a man and I can not do my career's any more and stuck on benefits and disability 

I could stay on benefits wit my injurys but I refuse to accept that life and for that to be the life for my kids to know and from helping me I promise to help others get better and off benefits or help reduce how much they need painkillers so you get your life back or partner back as it's not just a struggle for the people dealing with the pain it's hard for others who are living with them watching them suffer or get forgotten about because all the focus is on the person who is struggling 

I refuse to accept this for my future or my partner  I am in college learning counselling to help people in my position and give then the personaltraining and counselling (I'm lvl 2 so far )support all in one this opportunity is not available else where this also gives people a chance to work along side me who is dealing with similar problems so no is not an asnewer as I hope to inspire 

As a personal guide to help them help then self's and be a normal person again to start a new future as a new person and its scary to do this alone 

No one helped me and I lost my mum dad and family I know what it's like to be a one so help me help others like me 

The reason I'm asking for help is I was that I have been accepted in to college to learn personal training,healthfitness and well fair but because I would not show I was struggling on social media and solicitors  I have been refused my compensation of 80k which was set out only to get me threw school pay for gym and food and get me  off benefits so I could help other people like me I found a bad point in the system where people who have these problems or people who live with them struggle with pain mental brake downs painkillers suicide which affected me 2 times I'm now about to start my 3rd year in counselling and due to start my p.t trainingbut with out the funds now I can not do this and its a huge shame as so many people will gain a new future

I struggle as a dad playing with the kids days out walking being normal 

I struggle mentaly because of pain or because I have lost who I was and can not accept what's happened 

I feel I have no meaning no use 

However I took to bad attempts at self half I should of died but I didn't I didn't know why and then I spent 2 yrs working out I can help people and have been driving my selfto do so till my funding dissappeard 

I want to help you or someoneyou know please give any thing even just 1 pound adds up and those who do I offer you this 

You will not go out of pocket I will offer every one who helps me my free advice and knowledge to help them or someone they know who will gain from this if it's advice which way to go next or fitness or counselling I will give you that help for free to thank you for your donation I will not cure you but support you to help your self and start a new path

Thanks for reading and your donation I will make a YouTube page where people can see my progress and be a part of this journey