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Congratulations to all of the successful side hustles!

More than one hundred women got grant funding from Back Her Business to get their side hustles started. Four went on to win cash prizes to get their businesses off the ground. Amazing work!

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Thousands entered. Four bright ideas took home a prize.



The media has a problem. It’s becoming increasingly elite. This is your chance to help us diversify it.


Dinosaurs Love Fairy Cakes

We need to raise funds to create the play area for our cafe, working with Tigerplay who create incredible playscapes across the globe.


Immaculate Alcohol

We're crowdfunding to launch Immaculate, a pre-mixed alcohol-free G&T. 50% of our profits will go to support other women entrepreneurs.



A new social media platform that gives you total control of your data and helps you monetise it through your engagement.

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