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£200,000 to start new businesses this January

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Start 2020 as you mean to go on. You’ve got that great business idea. Back Her Business is here to help you get it off the ground.  We know the idea of raising money to start a business can sometimes be challenging. Back Her Business is making it easy for you to test your idea, grow your customer community and make your first sale. 

To enter, check the competition criteria and tell us your idea in 100 words or less before midnight on 22 January 2020.

Start 2020 right.

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Gold award

One person will receive a £10,000 cash prize


Silver awards

Four people will receive a £5000 cash prize


Bronze awards

Twenty people will receive a £2020 cash prize


Grant funding

All projects will receive up to £500 of grant funding

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We are supported by these organisations
We are supported by these organisations

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22 January

Call for entry closes


5 February

Coaching starts


4 March

Crowdfunding starts


7 April

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To have received the support I have from such a mixture of people has been overwhelming. I have met some amazing people through the process, including my mentor. It has also made me believe in myself again!

Chikumo, Nyina - Creating the next generation of bakers

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Chikumo Fiseko - Nyina by ©Sharon Cosgrove