Back 2 School '16

Need a new year's resolution? Support a brand new school build in a Malawian community, to serve 100s of children an education!

We did it!

On 14th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £390 with 14 supporters in 28 days

1 community, 1 organisation and 2 UK volunteers have joined forces to create a unique new school in northern Malawi.

The Children of the Sun is a nursery situated within a very marginalised community in Mzimba which receives no support from local government and often faces exclusion or prejudice due to it's Apostolic majority.  Children were not making the long journey to schools outside their community and were often rejected by district schools when not at an acceptable learner level. 

Gemma introduced a new nursery and porridge programme in 2013 to encourage the large number of pre-schoolers who needed to get back to school.  The majority of government-funded nurseries in Malawi provide porridge to kids which helps improve nutrition and attendance, but this nursery did not benefit from this so has relied on UK raised funds to start up a porridge scheme and sustainable farming plan.  Since introducing this plan, attendance levels have soared from below 20 to over 90 children registered and over 50 regularly attending nursery lessons.

'Limbikila' - 'work very hard'

A growing organisation in Mzimba - Limbikila Foundation ('LIFO') - has been developed by Malawians, for Malawians, and focuses predominantly on opportunities for youth.  LIFO volunteers provide support with funding and records and they ensure plans are developing regarding the sustainable farming plan at the nursery; ongoing curriculum delivery.  Together with the community leaders they ensure local needs there are being met.

Together, we're taking the next step to build a school with 2 large classrooms to cater for the growing numbers of young children who need to reach a high standard of education in order to progress in their learning.  The bulding has already begun, with stage 1 complete but we need YOUR help to get us up and running!


Cement, Soliginum, Dried Soil, Door/window frames, Wooden planks, Transport

GRAND TOTAL K446,000 (approx. £446)

Fundraised and completed

We're aiming to raise an additional £2000 to pay for the following:


Timber planks, Rim Locks, Nails, Wall plate, Doors, Transport

TOTAL K239,900 (approx. £256)


Iron sheets (roof), Ridges, Wire, Lime, Paint, Port, Transport

TOTAL K486,000 (approx. £418)


We'd love to keep you up to date with progress and would feel privileged to receive any gesture of support. 

Gemma, Sarah, LIFO and The Children of the Sun Nursery

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