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 Hello! My name is Andrew or as i'm commonly know Bache. Im a songwriter from Cornwall looking to fund my new Album!

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Hello! My name is Andrew or as im commonly know Bache.

I am a singer/songwriter from Cornwall looking to record my upcoming album and i need your help.

Over the past 12 months i have been writing songs that i want to now record into an album. These songs have been written for bands i have worked with and just solo projects and for the first time i am bringing all of these things together in one album.

I want to record the album with Dan Bennetto at Seventh Door Productions in Par, he recorded my last single 'Raise A Glass' which sounds better than i ever thought it would!

You hear Raise A Glass here:

I would really love for you to support me and so i have come up with a great list of rewards including downloads and tshirts to a day in the studio with me and a gig in your front room! All pledges come with an acoustic version of the album recorded at home to digitally download as it becomes available as well as their name on the CD case.

The money raised will go straight into the production costs, i need around £1200 to record the album and then £300 will be spent on duplication and promotion.

Thankyou so much for reading this and thank you so much more if you decide to back me!

Album Track Listing (TBC)

  1. End of the world
  2. Grow Up
  3. Contradictions
  4. Im So Sorry
  5. F*** You
  6. Alcohol
  7. Living, Drinking, Caring.
  8. Runaway
  9. Cheater
  10. Let Somebody Love You
  11. Raise A Glass
  12. Mainstream



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