Help us opening our shop Mom Salt Cod Fish Recipes

by Bartolomeu in London

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A new idea of fast food. No more fast food = Junk food. Why you cannot be able to eat healthy and traditional food in a fast way????

by Bartolomeu in London


Our food is to be enjoyed at home or in our store,

the best mom Salt Codfish recipes it's now in London!


Help us open our FIRST shop in Central London.

The dream is a simple, but big:

We are putting together divine tastes from Europe Mediterranean regions. We have the perfect taste for everyone:

Salt Cod Fish: with chips, salted, fried, or gratin, baked, boiled and even the famous cod cake. We have at least 20 different recipes for salt codfish.

I, Portuguese and my businesses partner Italian, we to moved in London looking for the “London dream”. Hoping one day we would see the Queen "never happened " :(

Hoping one day we would see the Queen "never happened " :(

We both are crazy in love with the city. But after years of working in hospitality and eating around the city, we realized that something was missing, something now one was selling, the SALT CODFISH!

 We always wanted to go back home because we were missing our country food. That was the only thing missing in this amazing city. We both lived a double life: Restaurant manager and Street Food seller. We cooked different recipes using only Salt Codfish to be sell in the Market as Street Food from Italy and Portugal. EVERYONE LOVED IT! All the recipes came from our grandmama’s recipes book.

After sharing with so many people and see how much interested had for this food we decided to quit our jobs and work full time on this project.

Now we need your help to buy better equipment's and get our own space. where we can build Our own shop, because when something is able to pass the hard test as Street Food in London, that means that there is some magic in it. This is not only our project but it's also the project of all our customers and friends that were out there with us in the markets around London.

Was amazing, but now it's time to do the next step. 

We now need your help to make this Happen.

The shop will be in a prime location in the City of London, where will be easier for anyone to come and say hi and make part of our family, the difference will be the contemporary, relaxed and friendly atmosphere that you will find.

You will be welcomed with the sound, smell and all the little details that will make you feel like you were on a sea in Portugal, Spain or Greece. The balcony that will be a real fisherman Boat, the sound of the sea, sea plants, windows made in an aquarium, the seagulls sound… did you feel like on a beach?

This is our goal! Every moment will be a travel into the paradisiac beach. This sound amazing, right? But what if you add our traditional recipes presented with an impeccable taste and… most important thing….

 a FAST, and HEALTHY food in a HOME environment.



We work with Street Food always believing in our idea, putting all our love and energy in this amazing project.

The reason is easy, we knew our idea was great and people will love it!

The experience was tough, but we realized that also Londoners loved it!

After this fantastic experience, we decided to open a corner shop where the public can find not only the famous Salt Cod Fish recipes but a gift shop as well.

A traditional gift shop where you can shop around Europe without you leaving London.

A place where you can find almost everything of the traditional things that normally you can just find in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece etc. 


 The Gift Shop:


We are going to open our first shop in central London where we can still be able to be with the customers that believed in us from the beginning and make other people know about us. After been for so long selling this amazing food as a street food, I believe now it's the time to have somewhere we can call home...

Write down all the passion I have is not easy, but if you felt just 1/10 of what my passion is I am sure you will jump on board and you will help us!

Hope this project can make you feel the same as it does to me...                                                       


Thank you, for believing  :)


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£10 Reward

A thank you for believing in my project!

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Invitation for the opening 5% Membership Card

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£50 Reward

Invitation to the opening. 20% membership card 1 lunch box delivered to your door for the first 100 15% Membership card

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

Invitation for the opening 1-year free lunch 20% Life time Membership Card

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