Keeping the Conquest horses healthy during COVID19

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Project by Lotta von der Heyde

Keeping the Conquest horses healthy during COVID19

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Project by Lotta von der Heyde

We did it
On 30th July 2020 we successfully raised £5,175 with 61 supporters in 98 days

Please help us with the cost of keeping our horses fit and healthy whilst we are closed due to COVID19.

New stretch target

It costs us about £200 per month to care for each of our 13 horses as even though they are not working at the moment, they still need regular care.  £2,773 will pay our horse care costs for one month so a stretch target of £5,546 will cover 2 months.  The costs are even higher when we are open and the horses are working.  

The effects of this closure will affect our charity for a much longer time than just during the period whilst we are closed.  We rely heavily on fund raising for revenue towards all our costs and in particular the cost of caring for our horses throughout the year, so any additional funds raised during this campaign will contribute to our horse care costs for the remainder of the year.  

We were so sad to have to close our doors to our lovely clients, students and wonderful volunteers but it has been necessary to keep everyone safe and give us ALL the best chance to stay healthy whilst observing social distancing.

In the meantime our horses are having a nice break enjoying the spring grass and sunshine on their backs.   There are still significant costs associated with keeping the horses and all our other animals healthy so they will be fit and ready for action when we can welcome our clients back again.  

Each horse has their own special needs, they still need grooming and checking daily, some need their legs clipping regularly to avoid getting itchy or sore, others have special supplements or medication and they all at some point need veterinary, dental and farriery care.  On top of that we need to keep the paddocks clean so the grazing is fresh for them and some even need sun cream on their noses to prevent sunburn.

1587382401_img_1362_2.jpgWe would really appreciate your financial support during this testing time as whilst we are closed we will have absolutely no income but still lots of expenditure to look after our 13 special horses.  We do not receive any statutory funding and so far there is very little government support for charities like ours during this crisis. Staff have taken salary cuts, reduced hours or been furloughed. Only 4 members of staff are still working on site to look after the horses. We are very reliant on our local supporters to help us keep going so even the smallest contribution will be so very much appreciated.

We can't wait to see everyone again and to continue with our very special work helping p1587475726_img_1361_2.jpgeople with additional needs to thrive.

Here’s how you can help 

1. Please donate what you can.

2. You can purchase one of our lovely rewards or just donate 'freestyle'.  

3. Have some fun by creating a fundraising page of your own and choose from one of these fundraising ideas or make up your own. All the money you raise on your fundraising page will go towards helping us hit our target. Your friends and family can also buy our rewards via your fundraising page.

Here are some fun ideas to get you started: 

  • GROW A GIANT SUNFLOWER AND TAKE BETS ON HOW TALL IT WILL GROW. (The winner will get a Conquest supporter certificate)

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£60 or more

2 of 2 claimed

A fabulous photoshoot with your horse

In support of the Conquest Centre, James Gray Photos has offered 2 FREE Equine Photoshoots in the beautiful surroundings at Conquest Centre, each one will include 2 FREE 8X6 Prints and Digital Copies, from'. This would normally cost £100 each.

£5 or more

Supporter Certificate

Donate £5 and receive a special "I am proud to be supporting Conquest Centre" award. Don't forget to email us at so we can send you the certificate.

£10 or more

9 of 10 claimed

Groom a pony or cuddle one of our lovely donkeys.

A fabulous opportunity for a horse loving child (or adult) to come and spend half an hour grooming one of our wonderful ponies.

£15 or more

Fly spray or other lotions and potions

We use fly spray and fly masks to help keep the flies away. Some of the horses also need sun cream for their pink noses and they love a bath in a soothing anti itch shampoo when the weather is warm. £15 would pay for a bottle of fly spray, a mask or other lotions and potions.

£25 or more

Pay for a 'pony pedicure'

£25 pays for one of our barefoot horses to have their hooves trimmed by our wonderful farrier.

£30 or more

A contribution towards nutritious horse feed

£30 contribution to our horse feed costs

£40 or more

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Afternoon tea for a family of 4

Afternoon tea in the Conquest Cafe for a family of 4. To be booked in advance with the office at a mutually convenient time when the lock down is lifted.

£60 or more

Oh no, not the dentist!!

Even the horses need to have their teeth checked and often they also need to be rasped as they can get painful sharp edges otherwise.

£85 or more

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Hire the Conquest indoor arena

Half day hire of the Conquest indoor arena normally £105. Date subject to availability and must be booked in advance with the office once lock down is lifted.

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