B2C The Board Game, Entrepreneurship Education

by Hector Colombo in North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, Canada


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Canadians need more financial education. Why not starting with students? B2C The Game will provide entrepreneurship education funnily

by Hector Colombo in North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, Canada

Who am I? Why me?


I am an economist, former university teacher and technology instructor. Throughout all my career in the private sector and my teaching experience, I identified a lack of knowledge of finance and entrepreneurship people have in general. Traveling in bus one day, I got sleep...I dreamed on how to engage my students in a funny way, and a character came to my mind: Joseph Entrepreneur, an ideal business man, playing the role of a coach, in a board game. 

The dream, the idea


The idea was born: a game where students from all ages could learn concepts like entrepreneurship, economy, finance and pitch elevator...at classes, accompanied by their teachers. The game gives them many alternatives to creating companies from the beginning (Investment), choosing between a lot of possibilities. Participants will have the chance to continue creating their dreamed companies online too, even with a logo, webpage and brand. The game will be printed in English/French and another version in Spanish! 

The Project


After hours, days and tons of practices, I arrived to a finalized prototype of the game, made by my own hands...the family helped a lot! Then I spent some of my savings in hiring a good talented graphic designer to help me portray what I developed...B2C was finalized.

Your help

I need people and organizations who believe in giving our students the chance to learn finances at a early stage. We can make together realize this project that will be used, hopefully, in every Canadian school, specially in those where families are struggling with financial difficulties, or where a kid could adopt new ways of managing their family economy, an accomplish their dreams to become an entrepreneur! Your help will be used to printing samples of the game, finishing the website, distribute this among schools, prove and promote it. 

We will love having companies sponsoring the project too, since they are examples of real entrepreneurship! 

If some funds are still available, we will start with an mobile application...but that's another story.


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You will get a copy of the game, your name printed on it and you will be able to choose in between the companies you would like to play with, so we will print it out on the board!

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You will get a copy of the game!

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You will get a copy of the game and your name printed on it!

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