Fund campaign to support UK SMEs without Govt Help

by Voice for LTD in Telford, England, United Kingdom

Fund campaign to support UK SMEs without Govt Help
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Campaign for equal support for the Directors of UK LTD companies facing difficulties getting funding

by Voice for LTD in Telford, England, United Kingdom

The world is facing the worst crisis since World War 2, in the UK the government has offered a host of support packages, however many of the packages do very little to support the vast majority of company directors of limited companies

My company would like to set up a fund, that will be used to campaign for all of us , pay for legal advice, and legal action if necessary. We believe that the grant scheme for one, could have created many unfair competitive advantages to some companies, whilst at the same time leaving others without support. 

In addition banks have been dreadful, many have refused to assist, which is their choice, however the ways in which some banks have behaved, could be described as unethical, and detrimental to its clients well being, we would also seek advice going forward to see if any banking codes or rules, would have been broken.  

If as a group we manage to have excess campaign funds, we will look at ways to support directors who are facing hardship, and also funds to gain wider support and coverage for all of us. 

All those supporting will be invited to create a group, where we can offer complete transparency on our activities and keep everyone informed and updated.  

Any volunteers to help with this campaign please get in touch. 

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