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by B-YOU in Chester, England, United Kingdom

B-YOU Italianbalance
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We advocate a healthy lifestyle that starts from what we fuel our body with. We want to bring authentic balanced nutrition into people lives

by B-YOU in Chester, England, United Kingdom

B-YOU is a food Company that produces and delivers freshly Italian mediterrenean macros-balanced meals ready to eat & delivered straight to your door. Our main target is to advocate a balanced and healthy lifestyle that starts from what we fuel our body with, strongly founded on the Mediterranean diet principles. The Company has been supported and developed at NowFood, the business incubator of the University of Chester, which is also our manufacturing center.


Our story

Our story started when in our early 30s we had international careers, we were traveling most of the time, we had small kids and the need to be at our best always, in terms of energy. We changed our way of eating using the principles of the Italian Mediterranean diet blended with the benefit of balancing meals macronutrients. 

Our new diet became the primary foundation of our new energetic lifestyle and our new great bodies!

We ended up teaching our friends and families the secrets of "reshaping their bodies and their lives" eating with pleasure.The idea of creating B-YOU came from the experiences of other friends that joined this lifestyle and who they are also passionate about cooking traditional healthy meals.
We recovered the old Italian-Mediterranean recipes from our grandmothers which has been treasured as a family heritage for generations and we created the B-YOU formula.

We intended to meet the needs of people who is already aware of the benefit that balancing macronutrients has got on our bodies and minds , but we wanted also to teach everyone who wants to learn about “BALANCE EATING”, what means and what magical benefits have on our lives and our bodies.



We use only the best and freshest ingredients in creating our recipes, selected by our team of nutritionists and consisting in a wide range of macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants).


All our recipes have been created by Italian FIT-chefs getting inspiration from old and traditional ones for being then re-touched following one simple principle: balancing all the macro-nutrients in a very gentle and traditional way.


Our team works hard to adjust and balance the macronutrients then refine and focus on micronutrients: we select and combine the ingredients following the original recipe, then we work to make it low in fat, low in salt. We use organic and premium local ingredients to create the healthiest and tastiest option ever found in a meal ready to eat. When the intakes chart shows green and the final recipe has passed the flavour test, we are then good to go. 


Our meals average shelf life is 12 days VS of the usual average of 3 to 5 days, this is because we MAP seal our trays, so we know that all the nutritional properties, taste and colour of the ingredients are preserved for a longer time with no artificial preservatives. Shelf-life of all our recipes are tested and produced at Nowfood - University of Chester with and certified by the PMS (Pathology Management Service). We have a 5 stars hygiene rating and a Food Management System/HACCP plan in place, to ensure we do the best possible to follow the highest hygiene standards and keep our food safe.

We have 4 product lines: fish, meat, veggie and vegan.


Following this formula-style will help to increase: 

• Energy levels • Concentration levels • Body tone

Some types of foods, thanks to the presence of high biological value proteins present in fish and meat, eggs, milk, and derivatives, improve muscle mass and help to have a toner body. 


Our aim is to bring balanced nutrition into people lives (home, workplace, schools etc) and let them to experience how this formula has a huge impact in creating wellness and emotional balance.

For doing this we need to be able to bring our business to the next level, to invest into bringing balanced nutrition into workplace, schools, hospital, fitness centres.

Distribution channels

Vending machines for fresh food

We intend to invest in special vending machine suitable to dispense fresh meals in trays.


We want to open our first B-YOU store giving our community the possibility to eat a devious meal, healthy and balanced in macro e micro-nutrients.

Digital channel

Cooking courses

We want to start to create digital content teaching mothers how to feed their kids with balanced meals and how this can be simple to bring into eating daily routine.


we want to invest in promoting balanced nutrition through our website and increasing our product lines (new recipes, gluten free)


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Office weekly lunch box (the box contains also our range of fresh organic juices)

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