B.Suermondt Chocolaterie

B.Suermondt Chocolaterie

We would like to open a chocolaterie in the main street of Brixham.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We want to open our first shop in Brixham, Devon. We can loosely be describe as a high quality chocolate shop where customers can come in as well as see our products and watch them being made, by our award winning pastry chef.

We hold true  to its vision of being a new concept with a modern feel in order to become a favorite spot for locals and tourists.


We want to share  our 84 tantalizing flavours of truffle that will even make non chocolate lovers love chocolate !

We will be able to help you create the perfect flavours for your wedding, shower,
anniversary or party.  

We will also offer a great range of miniature patisseries that you can take home for loved ones or if you are feeling naughty treat your self.

Heres some of our products :

We will also offer a range of sugar free chocolates, gluten free patisserie and we are also looking into dairy free products as there is a growing demand for such products. We will offer a vast range of products and will ensure every customers leaves happy.

We have a range that will specifically target segments of people with an appreciation for delicious chocolates, patisserie and a need for comfort and relaxation. We will be a haven for the busy & successful who want to treat themselves to somthing soothing and a little sinful! It doesn't take a lot of time, yet is so rewarding. These people will value the high quality presented without pretension. Our customers will also appreciate the fun and fast service - whether celebrating a birthday or stopping in on way home from work.