Animal Welfare Party 2017 Election Fighting Fund

Enable Animal Welfare Party to speak up for animals in the 2017 General Election

We did it!

On 24th May 2017 we successfully raised £2,117 of £2,000 target with 69 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

And If We Reach Our Target?

 Well, first we'll be absolutely THRILLED!

With the funds for our deposits and leaflets covered, we'll right away we'll move onto the next stage of our campaign - spreading the word about our party as far and wide across our chosen constituencies as we can. Many voters still aren't aware that we exist as an option to vote for and we find that when people do get to hear about us they're often very pleasantly surprised.

Any additional funds raised beyond our original target will allow us to:

  • Take out much needed advertising (both out of home and on social media)

  • Organise PR stunts that help us connect with the public

  • Create additional publicity material - videos, posters and placards that help further spread the word

If you can help us with our stretch target, we know that we can be an even stronger voice for animals as the election draws near.

Thank You.

Please help us raise the funds to allow us to field candidates in the 2017 snap General Election and to produce an AWP election leaflet for every home. 

After our fantastic result of 25,810 votes (1%) in the 2016 London Assembly Election, Animal Welfare Party hopes to be able to stand in the snap General Election called for June 8th. 

We believe it's vitally important that animal issues aren't left out of the debate in this election and that dedicated representatives for animals speak up for those who can't.  

But, in the UK, standing in elections is costly.  £500 electoral deposit is needed per constituency contested (there are 650 constituencies in total).  In addition to this, funds are needed to publicise our message.  An additional £600 per constituency would allow us to send an AWP election leaflet to every home there.  

Small parties like ours have only been given a few weeks' notice to raise the funds needed to stand for election and we don't want animal issues to go unheard due to lack of funds. Therefore, we're asking you to please support our campaign by giving what you can afford, allowing us to stand candidates and put forward our message on a wide range of animal welfare and environmental issues, including:

  • Phasing out farming practices and systems with poor welfare consequences for animals.
  • Ending the badger cull.
  • Phasing out animal experimentation with binding targets for reduction combined with proper funding & real support for alternatives.
  • Increasing penalties for those convicted of animal abuse.
  • Ending live animal export and reducing journey times for animals travelling to slaughter within the UK.
  • Ending all slaughter without prior stunning.
  • Introducing independently monitored CCTV for all slaughterhouses.
  • Ending BSL, the sale of animals in retail stores and the exotic pet trade. 
  • Improving human health, saving NHS funds, protecting the environment and global food security by promoting healthy plant-based diets.
  • Labelling of all products with information which allows consumers to make informed choices in line with their own principles on the environment, health, animal welfare and the social circumstances in which a product is produced.

In the UK alone, it is estimated that there are over 1 billion animals killed every year for food. We refuse to believe that this is a niche issue that should not be put at the forefront of the political debate.  Industrialised farming is just one of the issues on which we campaign. Ending harmful animal use in entertainment, sport, research and education, the culling of wild animals, the welfare of companion animals, broader environmental issues and fairer treatment for all are equal concerns. 

Our sister party in the Netherlands, PvdD / the Party for the Animals now has 5 representatives in the Dutch parliament and over 50 representatives at various levels of local government.  This shows that animal orientated parties can succeed in elections.

While the UK "First Past the Post" electoral system makes it difficult for smaller parties to be heard, we believe that every additional candidate promoting our policies and every vote they receive helps push forward the idea that the fair treatment of animals must be a central part of the political discourse.

So, please, spare whatever you can today to help us realise our vision for animals – let's make a better world for all.

Sincere Thanks.

Donation Rules

  • Donations of any amount are welcome.
  • If you are kind enough to donate more than £500 to our fighting fund, you must be on the UK electoral register. Please note your name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure that you are eligible to donate. 
  • For any donation over £7,500, your donation will be registered by the Electoral Commission and they will publish your donation and your name (but not your address).

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