- the Vale's first Zero Waste Store

by Awesome Wales Enterprises CIC in Barry, Wales, United Kingdom


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Awesome Wales will be the Vale’s first Zero waste shop in Barry. We aim to be a hub for the community, but need your help to make it happen.

by Awesome Wales Enterprises CIC in Barry, Wales, United Kingdom

What is Awesome Wales and why are we doing this?

Awesome Wales is a social enterprise aiming to open a Zero waste store and coffee shop slap bang in the middle of Barry town centre. Our aim is to help you to protect the environment, save money and eat more healthily, all while doing your weekly shop.

Awesome will be a plastic free shopping experience, no unnecessary plastic packaging, no plastic straws or coffee cup lids, no plastic toothbrushes and razors and definitely no plastic carrier bags! Instead we will offer products that are environmentally friendly and ethically produced, including bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws, reusable takeaway coffee cups and obviously there will be zero plastic packaging. 

What’s on offer at Awesome Wales, Barry?

Our aim at Awesome is to allow you to purchase most of the things you buy in your weekly shop at the supermarket, without the unnecessary plastic packaging. All our products will be ethically produced and locally sourced, our bakery items are baked in Cardiff, our dairy products come from Barry, even our coffee beans are roasted in Pontypridd. Speaking of coffee, Awesome will also include a zero waste, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly coffee shop. This will also be selling locally produced cupcakes, tray-bakes and brownies along with crisps in home compostable packets and fruit.

Here at Awesome Wales we understand that people have different budgets and disposable incomes, we also believe that this should not restrict you from taking part in the zero waste lifestyle. On opening we will be stocking over 400 lines of items, including a range of 30 core products sold at a lower cost. This range will include pantry staples such as rice, bran flakes and oats, enabling people of all budgets to take advantage of our range whilst still ensuring they are buying good quality, ethically produced and sourced products. We will also be stocking 50 different herbs and spices, specialist dried goods such as hemp seeds, brown lentils and oat bran, wet goods including fabric conditioner and washing detergent and toiletries such as shampoo, soaps, hair conditioner, even bamboo toilet roll. 

There will also be items stocked for those with special dietary requirements including vegan friendly, gluten free and cruelty free toiletries too. 

Community Hub

Awesome is a social enterprise which means the local community is vitally important to us. With this in mind we are hoping to use our coffee shop space to hold community events and workshops. 

We're hoping to work with Repair Cafe Wales to host a monthly event where you can get your broken items repaired instead of throwing them away and buying new ones. This will reduce the number of items ending up in landfill and save you money at the same time. We will be hosting cooking workshops where you can learn to cook from scratch using healthy wholefood ingredients. There will also be educational, environmental workshops where you will learn how to make your own cleaning products such as fabric conditioner and even dishwasher tablets. All of these workshops and events have a dual purpose to reduce wastage and to create a community spirit and atmosphere. 

As a Community Interest Company profits from the company will also be invested in local community groups and activities, allowing more people to become involved and decreasing social isolation.

Why zero waste?

Like many people, we watched in horror the BBC documentary 'Blue Planet II', and realised that something needed to be done to save our environment. Mankind’s current reliance on plastic cannot continue without it having a devastating impact on the environment and wildlife, we’ve all seen the terrible pictures of sea life being affected by plastic waste in our oceans. We realised that whilst campaigning on a large scale, like the recent protests in London by Extinction Rebellion, is great at bringing government's attention to the issues, we can all can take steps that make a difference right now. A few small changes made by a whole bunch of people can make a huge impact. We will help you to make these small changes, by offering an ethical alternative to the supermarket giants. 

Donations and how we’ll use them

There's a significant set up cost to make a shop like this work for the whole community, we won't bore you with all the details but we will need everything from scales to food dispensers and flooring to baby changing. We promise to invest your money wisely in the best equipment for the job, maximising the opportunity for our customers to serve themselves and re-connect with the food we're selling.

Your investment will also help us to purchase all of the lovely stock for the shop floor, sourcing from local growers, bakers and food co-ops. Our orders will be delivered to us in sustainable packaging, ensuring that the shop's landfill waste is minimal.

Our aim is to place orders with companies that offer circular economy when delivering items, his will ensure less plastic wastage and therefore continue our companies vision  to be “Zero Waste and plastic free in Barry”

Our rewards

In return for your pledges we have over 25 different rewards available, from getting your name on our wall of gratitude, sourdough starter kits, reusable coffee cups and free coffees,to our Awesome day out if you are feeling particularly generous. Whatever your preferences we are sure you will find a reward to your liking and definitely worth pledging for.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

9 of 100 claimed

Gift voucher

£50 Gift voucher, redeemable in store anytime within first 12 months. Plus an exclusive 10% off purchases made using your voucher.

£5 or more

Wall of Gratitude

Diolch yn fawr!!! Thank you for supporting our adventure. We will be creating a "Gratitude Wall" to celebrate all our amazing contributors.

£10 or more

Gift voucher

£10 gift voucher, redeemable in store anytime within the first 12 months

£15 or more

6 of 25 claimed

Sourdough starter kit

Bread of Heaven...well sort of!! The sourdough starter kit will allow you to create your very own sourdough bread whenever you need it!

£15 or more

5 of 25 claimed

Not just a pretty face

A set of handcrafted face scrubbies, great for exfoliating and removing make up, plus a crocheted face cloth. These are handmade in Cardiff and come in sustainable brown paper packaging (and yes they're tied up with strings too)

£15 or more

Big smiles starter kit

Show off your glorious gnashers with a guilt free smile!...Bask in the knowledge that your bamboo toothbrush, plastic free dental floss and toothpaste tabs are giving you that perfect smile whilst protecting the environment all at the same time. Includes a bamboo toothbrush, silk dental floss and 62 tooth tabs.

£20 or more

2 of 50 claimed

Hinch your house

Ty Glan!! This reward includes 5 ecofriendly cleaning products in refillable containers, to help make your house sparkle.

£20 or more

Awesome tote bag and goodies

Receive one of our organic cotton tote bags and some zero waste goodies, this will help you to carry your refillable containers.

£25 or more

Gift voucher

£25 Gift voucher, redeemable in store anytime within the first 12 months

£25 or more

1 of 50 claimed

Lunch starter kit

Fork yeah! Get your hands on a lunch starter kits which means you'll never need disposable plastic cutlery again. Includes a napkin roll with bamboo cutlery, metal straw with cleaning brush and a wax sandwich wrap.

£25 or more

6 of 50 claimed

Farmers market starter kit

Awesome tote bag plus three organic cotton produce bags suitable for fruit, veggies or dried wholefoods, plus a set of three wax wraps suitable for cheese, bread and other fresh ingredients

£30 or more

4 of 24 claimed

Sourdough making workshop + starter kit

Feed me now and ever more...This reward includes a sourdough starter kit and workshop to instruct on how to care for your sourdough starter and create your very own sourdough loaf. Small class sizes and refreshments included. Workshops will be delivered in the autumn of 2019.

£30 or more

Reuseable mug and coffee vouchers

Reuseable coffee mug plus 20 hot drinks in our ethical coffee shop on Holton Road in Barry.

£30 or more

1 of 24 claimed

Spice masterclass workshop

Curry half'n'half....learn how to combine spices in our spice workshop including rubs, bases and many others. Take home three bespoke spice mixes. Small class sizes and refreshments included. Workshops will be delivered in the autumn of 2019.

£30 or more

2 of 24 claimed

Zero waste hacks workshop

Gain tricks, hacks, tips and skills from local experts in reducing your personal and household waste. Learn how to make three useful products and take them home to try. Small class sizes and refreshments included. Workshops will be delivered in the autumn of 2019.

£30 or more

0 of 24 claimed

Natural beauty workshop

Glow with pride...Our natural beauty workshop will teach you how to look beautiful without it literally costing the earth. You'll go home with three handmade (by you) products. Small class sizes and refreshments included. Workshops will be delivered in the autumn of 2019.

£30 or more

Caffeine addict subscription

A kilo of freshly ground Uncommon Ground coffee. Pick up in small batches to maintain optimum freshness.

£30 or more

0 of 24 claimed

Cupcake decorating workshop

Great Barry bake off...well sort of. Attend one of our cake decorating workshops with local bakers and learn to upgrade those boring butterfly cakes to fabulous cup cakes. Take home a box of 6 cupcakes to share or keep for yourself! Small class sizes and refreshments included. Workshops will be delivered in the autumn of 2019.

£30 or more

Zero waste shaving starter kit

Whether it's for your face, legs or other areas, our shaving starter kit will leave your skin silky smooth without leaving a negative impact on the environment. Includes safety razor, blades and shaving soap in a plastic free gift box

£40 or more

Zero waste beauty starter kit

Who gives a cr*p?? Well you will with our toiletries starter kit... Handmade soap, shampoo bar, solid conditioner and moisturiser...along with a bundle of "Who gives a cr*p" toilet roll.

£50 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Office snacks for a year

£5 monthly voucher for grown-up 'pick and mix’

£50 or more

Awesome donation

Be the change that you want to see in the world. Your gift will enable us to make plastic free shopping a realiity in the Vale of Glamorgan

£50 or more

0 of 25 claimed

Opening night invite x2

Be part of our exclusive pre-launch soire, This will include two tickets to enjoy our opening night with, canapes, drinks, and awesome entertainment by an up-and-coming acoustic duo.

£100 or more

Awesome donation

Changemaker 2.0. Donate to help us reach our funding goal and make a real difference to the climate crisis

£150 or more

0 of 96 claimed

Name a dispenser

Billy Basmati, Suzy Sultana or simply named after a friend, loved one or business, the choice is yours. The reward allows you to name one of our 96 food dispensers for 12 months.

£1,000 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Awesome Day Out

Stuart and Amy will personally take you on the best day out that Barry can offer, including: Coffee and pastries for breakfast at Awesome Wales, a walk on the beach (with or without dogs), lunch at The Hangfire Smokehouse, an afternoon in the arcades, a trip on the Barry Eye, ice cream at Cadwaladers, a hamper of Awesome goodies, a commemorative photo of your trip to hang on the wall in the shop, plus a copy to take home. What an awesome day!

£1,000 or more

Awesome donation

Make it happen! A £1000 contribution will bring us one step closer to a planet without unnecessary plastic pollution.

Let's make ' - the Vale's first Zero Waste Store' happen

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