Raise £1,000 and bag £100 on us

For projects that matter, Crowdfunder brings you extra

Competition time!

Crowdfunding with the Aviva Community Fund is all about getting some of your voters to pledge money your project to guarantee you walk away with some much-needed funds.

To help kick things off, Crowdfunder are going to pledge £100 on 20 projects that give their crowdfund a real push.

Starting on Friday 2 November at 9:00, the first 20 projects that can add £1,000 from at least 10 supporters to their total amount raised will win a £100 pledge from us!

Are you ready to boost your crowdfund? Competition Terms and Conditions apply

Extra funding

Extra funding for projects like yours

What sets us apart from other crowdfunding websites is our pot of over £4m of funding from our partners. If your project is community based or a social enterprise, you could be eligible. 

Take a look at the extra funding for community projects we've got available.