Avila Kitchen: Listen to your belly!!

by Avila Kitchen in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Avila Kitchen: Listen to your belly!!
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Celebrate Venezuelan culture. Back me on the opening of the first Venezuelan sitting restaurant in Manchester. Then visit, taste, love it!

by Avila Kitchen in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

When you think about Venezuelan food in the UK and the fact that the Arepas have won (in several occasions) as the best Breakfast in the world, you will definitely want to extend your palate and try some of the most hearty and delicious food that deeply carry our tradition. If you are in a spot of luck and find yourself in London, you will be spoiled for choices! Yet in the North West of England you won’t be as lucky. And so, my request to you is to support my campaign to open Manchester’s first Venezuelan restaurant!

 So I’d like to introduce myself (and mi little sidekick Naia!) I’m Karmele, a Venezuelan-born and raised in a mission to celebrate the beauty of the Venezuelan culture. I am a Chemical Engineer by trade but food making lover! Coming from a family that has created and perfected, through generations, recipes that truly make us proud of our heritage and it really helps that I love being behind the stove as much as my mother and grandmother and great-grandmother and... (you get the gist of it now!) Before Avila Kitchen was formally born in 2019, I couldn’t help myself from spreading great food into this amazing country and so I started delivering our typical Venezuelan Christmas dish to many Venezuelans across Manchester and other cities in the UK, I very quickly became known as “Karmele the Venezuelan food lady” and orders started to skyrocket!


Clearly I had to do something about the name! Which is where Avila Kitchen was born…


The name Avila comes from the fact that my hometown of Caracas sits at the feet of the longest mountain in the world, the Avila Mountain and as a Caraqueña, there is not a day that goes by where you don’t see this majestic form of nature that marks the North of the city, and so, I feel that honouring it’s name represents me and the type of business I want to create. 



Now, Kitchen is the second half of my business name and this is because I want people to experience food at my restaurant and feel that their grandma has just pulled a plate out of her kitchen and put it on their table (we all know that grandma’s food is the best one!) creating that comfort of home. 


Lastly, let’s talk business.. 


At the moment I’m running Avila Kitchen with the amazing help of my parents, who are always by my side (in true family style), we have created robust control systems where we are able to cook a dish and know exactly how much it costs us to produce and package. We now feel like we are ready to take the next step and I know that opening a restaurant will give my parents an amazing and proud feeling of knowing that I’m chasing my dreams.


I am now planning to open my first restaurant. And for this next chapter of the journey, my goal is to raise £30k in 60 days. So, find the reward you want, pledge your support and share my story with your friends so that they can, too, be filled with the best Venezuelan food!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

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A tequeños serving on the first month of opening!!

Recive a serving of tequeños the first moth after opening

£40 or more

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Invitation to the big day!!

You will be one of the very first to be inside our place, come and join us in the gran opening!

£50 or more

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One free dessert every month in a year

Receive a free dessert once a month every time you eat in the restaurant in a year

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Free Main Meal

1 Free Main meal per bill once a month per 6 months

£100 or more

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One dozen of tequeños to go per month for a year

Receive a dozen of tequeños of any flavour every month for a year

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