Aviemore Adventure Festival

Help us continue the Aviemore Adventure Festival: a not-for-profit outdoor / adventure festival held in the heart of the Scottish Highlands!

We did it!

On 22nd Nov 2017 we successfully raised £190 with 5 supporters in 28 days

Please support & help us continue the Aviemore Adventure Festival by raising funds to employ a part-time paid worker (over the next 2 years) which will help us to continue & expand the festival from 2018 onwards- and help us develop our free outdoor film-making classes for local school pupils in the Highland Region.

The Aviemore Adventure Festival is a not-for-profit event (entirely volunteer run) which was set up in 2015 by a group of local volunteers with the aim of creating an inspiring festival celebrating the best of outdoor pursuits & adventure culture- held in the highlands of Scotland.

Over the past two and a half years, we have run two successful editions of the event (our last in March 2017) with over 950 people attending, with over 30 outdoor activity sessions, 50 award winning films being screened as well as guest speaker talks from leading outdoor athletes including Dave Macleod, Leo Houlding, Lee Craigie, Justine Curgenven & Cedar Wright. We have also raised £2000 for local charities and generated over £60k for the local community from tourism brought into the local area during the festival weekend. 

Festival Aims & Goals:
1) Bringing together outdoor enthusiats, film-makers and world class outdoor athletes to the Scottish Higlands each year.
2) To encourage greater participation in outdoor sports & adventure across Scotland, specifically in the Highland region
3) To support tourism and economic development for local businesses & local community in the Spey Valley
4) Run free outdoor film-making worshops for local school pupils in partnership with Cairngorm National Park.
5) To create an educative platform for  topics such as outdoor education & access, conservation & climate change.
6) Host annual film awards to encourage local film makers to produce films which highlight the best of outdoor & adventure culture within Scotland and the UK.

Why we need your help?
The festival has been 100% volunteer led up to this point, however as the festival has expanded and grown to having an attendance over 600 people, the amount of time required to organise it has grown dramatically. We now estimate that over 650 volunteer hours are required to organise the event.  Plus an additional 250 volunteer hours during the event itself. This has stretched our existing volunteer team beyond its capacity and we are struggling to keep up with the demands required to organise the event and concerned that this may put the long term success of the festival in jeopardy without further support.

We want to see the festival continue  for many years to come. Having evaluated all the options and having looked at similar sized festivals to ours, we have realised that the best way forward to ensure the longevity & continued success of the event is to have support from paid staff to help support the existing volunteer team with organising the event.

Our Long Term Goal is to grow the Festival into one of the most diverse Outdoor Sport / Mountain Festivals in the UK and support charitable initiatives locally including conservation projects, educational forums and free outdoor sport opportunities for young people in the Highland Region.

Our Crowd-Funding Campaingn
We are raising money through this crowdfunder to employ a Part Time Paid Worker (20 hours per week) over the next two years, which will support the existing volunteer team and will take on the Publicity, Sponsorship & Administration tasks which account for approx 50% of the total time required to organise the event each year. They will also help us to develop our charitable initiatives including free outdoor film-making classes for local school pupils- to encourage the next generation of film makers and provide opportunities for young people to engage with outdoor activities.

The role will be 2.5 days per week and will be advertised November 2017 and we hope to have the role filled by the end of December 2017 and will run from Dec 2017 through to end May 2019, covering the 2018 and 2019 Festivals.

The Support Worker will also help us to develop our local charitable initiaves including our Free Film Making workshops for School pupils at Kingussie & Grantown High Schools as well as developing opportunities for low cost / free outdoor sport opportunities for young people in the Spey Valley area.

Having this support will not only free up time for the volunteer team to focus on programming (i.e. putting on another great line up of speakers, talks, film screenings & outdoor events for next year's festival and in the future)...it will also allow us to increase our publicity outreach to the wider UK outdoor market, helping us to expand the festival moving forward.

Our goals for the next 2-3 years 

  • To expand the festival from a 3 day to a 5 day event from 2018 onwards…increasing the number of outdoor events, workshops & activities to over 35 each year. Grow the attendance to 800 people. And look to including competitive events such as a 10K Race and a Bouldering competition from 2018 onwards.

  • Expand our publicity outreach to the wider UK outdoor audience, increasing the attendance at the festival in 2018 & 2019 and long-term developing the event into one of the largest UK outdoor festivals

  • To host 4 “fringe events” in the surrounding region in the build up to the main festival in April 2018

  • To provide discounted tickets for Under 18s and to host 4 school presentations each year with Outdoor Athletes / “Heroes” to encourage greater uptake in outdoor sports from local school pupils and inspire the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts & adventurers.

  • To run outdoor film-making workshops for school pupils from 2018 onwards at Kingussie High School in partnership with the Cairngorm National Park Authority

  • To run 4 educational events over the next year focusing on topics which are associated with outdoor sports including: conservation, hill erosion, sustainable forestry, outdoor education, wildlife protection and climate change
  • To continue our charity fundraising evening alongside our charity raffle to raise money for local charities including the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue team- for which we raised £1400 during our 2016 festival.

  • Run a “Best of” Aviemore Adventure Festival Summer Tour across communities in the Highlands of Scotland from Summer 2018 onwards- showcasing the best films from the main festival alongside guest outdoor speakers giving talks at each event.

Our track record so far...
In the two years of running the festival, we have acheived:

  • 950 Unique Visitors to the event, with approx 1350 individual tickets sold
  • Run over 35 workshops & outdoor activity sessions in partnership with local outdoor providers
  • Screened over 50 Award-Winning Films (from the Outdoor & Adventure Genre)
  • Hosted in Aviemore: 10 World Leading Outdoor Athletes who have given lectures
  • Have worked directly with volunteer organisations to encourage engagement with the local natural environment
  • Have generated an income over £60,000 from Tourism into the area during the festival dates & raised almost £2000 for local charities

All of the money raised from this campaign goes towards funding the part time worker over the next two years. The Aviemore Adventure festival is 100% non-profit. Therefore all money raised from this campaign will go back into the festival and help to continue to deliver inspiring festival events for outdoor enthusiasts in the Highland region as well as developing opportunities for young people to get involved in outdoor sports in the local area.

Please help us continue the aims of the festival by supporting this crowdfunding campaingn. We have some great rewards on offer should you wish to support us.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at the 2018 Festival!

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