Create a platform that helps talented 13-19 year old's improve & showcase their abilities while preparing them to seize future opportunities

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Project Aim

To build a diverse platform for talented teenagers aged 13-19 that will help them improve their abilities, showcase themselves and prepare for a successful career within the entertainment industry! We will initially be looking for gifted young people in the following categories: SINGERS, DANCERS & LYRICISTS (Comedians will also be added later on)

Why I'm Doing This?

My name is Amani Simpson, I am the founder of Aviard Inspires CIC. We are a Not For Profit Enterprise dedicated to inspiring the potential within young people and supporting them to mature their minds for achievement.

When I was a teenager I had a huge passion for music & entertainment and although my teenage years were tough, I was blessed enough to survive my growing pains and get onto an innovative educational course. This course opened so many doors for me to build relationships with experienced industry mentors who guided me over the years and helped me to begin focusing my mind for success, improve my self-confidence and develop my entrepreneurial skills.

It's becoming very evident to me how easy it is for young people to conform to the pressures & expectations of others, with the the daily facades on social media platforms and the moral pressures of the entertainment industry & their peers. Growing up I used to be one of those teens and I only managed to break those chains with the right guidance & goals! My passion is to actively challenge this status quo and empower many of the next generation to mature into trendsetters that make the most of life's opportunities!

Ultimately I guess the reason I founded the Aviard Movement is to have a lifelong impact on the next generation of leaders. I really want to build a lasting community enterprise that will continue to empower teenagers with skills, knowledge and positive opportunities so they can progress & guide others.

Alongside Aviard Live I have also launched an inspirational website that is not only focused on entertaining minds but also seeks to be an educational fuelling station for young people! We have already started posting motivational content & positive news articles to help the youth develop - please feel free to check it out: WWW.AVIARD.CO.UK/LIVE

What Is The Project?

The acts, who will be 13-19, probably won't have access to performing arts schools or reputable hands on guidance so we plan to build the bridge between them and the industry. These young people will be handpicked at our auditions based on their current level of talent, potential for improvement and most importantly their commitment to the development process. They will then be guided through a series of workshops & development sessions led by The Aviard Team & our special industry guests.

During these sessions we aim to help the acts improve their abilities and confidence ahead of their final performance at the Aviard Live Final, where they will perform in front of their family, friends and invited industry judges. The winners of each category will receive £150 (plus other sponsor prizes) and be given a bespoke development package with the view to help them sustain independent careers going forward.

The winners' development package will aim to help the acts with their plans, obtaining performances and creating remarkable brands.

Who Else We Want To Work With?

In order to provide the young people with the best experience, we aim to collaborate with established acts & industry professionals but also newer rising stars who are just a few steps ahead of the acts.

Our plan is to also work closely with educational establishments and other local organisations to ensure we can reach and serve as many young people as possible with dreams of performing. We will also be seeking to build solid relationships that enable us to provide work experience opportunities for our older teenagers.

Where We Aim To Be In The Future?

After solidifying the concept in North London and ensuring that a large percentage of our initial teenagers are pursuing fulfilling careers and happiness, we plan to strategically take the brand to other areas with events & workshops happening more frequently. Our long term goal would then be to set up coinciding Aviard Live franchises around the UK!

How Can You Help Me?

1. As you can imagine, a project this ambitious will cost a lot to produce, so my initial request would be for you to PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY to help us meet our target within the timelimit

2. If you are not in a position to give generously right now PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN as even small contributions will help us reach & exceed our target

3. In either case I ask that you PLEASE SHARE THIS FUND REQUEST WITH YOUR SOCIAL & BUSINESS CONTACTS so the project can spread exponentially hopefully resulting in added awareness and opportunites!

What Are You Funding Exactly?

All funds raised will only be used to pay for the venues we have booked, any performers & guests we have confirmed and lastly the overall pizzazz & production of the Aviard Live Showcase!

Thanks For Taking The Time To Watch & Read My Proposal!

Photo Credits - Millfield Theatre By Clarke Williams / Amani With Students From Enfield Grammar By Mark Happi / Skepta & Teen @ Wireless By Sophie Jones
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