Ava - Short film

I'm hoping to raise money to fund my project such as; travel, actors, props, food, locations, etc.

We did it!

On 22nd Jan 2017 we successfully raised £95 with 4 supporters in 56 days


The Story

Ava is a social realistic drama about transgenderism. Ava is a story about a teenager, Leo, who is unhappy orginally with his body. Throughout this short film, Leo comes to the realisation that he was born in the wrong body, transitioning to the happy Ava. The film will show the struggles with Leo's family and friends positive and negative reactions to the transition, yet also showing how happy she is in the end.

The Impact

Most people are more accepting to female to male transgenderism because quite a lot of females dress in a masculine way compared to males dressing in a feminine way, this is what helped me chose MTF because I feel like it needs to be broadcasted. I also feel like my film will show people that small words and sniggers hurt people as much as physical hurt, 73% people have been targets of mockery, 43% have even attempted suicide. I hope that my film helps people understand that even words hurt and to not say the hurtful words out loud. 

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