Autsera: social-skills games for autistic children

by Inas Ismail in London, England, United Kingdom


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We develop games to help autistic children learn vital skills for social integration, learning, and future employment.

by Inas Ismail in London, England, United Kingdom

What is Autsera?

Autsera develops games to help autistic children gain vital skills for social integration, better learning, and future employment. With budget cuts and increasing demands, almost 300,000 children in the UK can benefit from our extra support.

We are residents at Google for Startups UK and are very grateful for their mentoring and support. We are part of TechHub Accelerate programme and Plexal Social Inclusion Unit OpenDoor Programme. We were part of the 1st cohort of WeinSocialTech, the Deutsche Bank funded support programme.

In Late November, we presented a demo of our first version of the game in front of a group of 60 Google engineers, and won the audience vote.

With your help, and match funding from NatWest, we can develop the game faster. Please pledge to our campaign and share with 5 people.

Why is it Important?

What we do is becoming very important in light of the gap in funding our local councils and schools are facing.

According to government and leading charities statistics:

70% of autistic children parents say “support is not enough”

75% of children with special needs are without an Education Support Plan

Since 2015, special needs requests increased by 35% while funding increased 11%. 

Parents and carers of autistic children are always searching for interventions and strategies that would benefit their children, improve their skills and help them realise their potential. We believe that our games can help close to 300,000 children in the UK integrate socially, learn better, and have higher chance of future employment.

How Will We Spend the Funding?

As we speak, we're already working hard building and testing to make effective social skills development games. With your support, we will be able to grow our team of developers and bring these games to autistic children even sooner. We are counting on your support! For more information, please visit our website.

Who Are We?

Autsera is really personal for us! 

As parents of two lovely children, one of them on the autism spectrum disorder, we know first-hand the struggles and stresses parents like us go through. We also know how important early intervention is, and we have a living testament to its value and the difference it can make to the child, the family, and the wider community. 

We made it our goal to break down the barriers for parents and carers to get the support they need and help their autistic children develop their social skills.


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A startup experience

For £150, you get to see what it is like to work in a startup. You will be invited to spend a day with a co-founder: from morning standups, strategic planning, design sessions, and possible a meeting with a mentor. And, chat over a quick lunch if you get the time for it. Claim it for yourself or as a gift to an aspiring entrepreneur!

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Game testing invite

For £75, you (and your child) can join our exclusive game testing pool and get invited to pre-launch game testing.

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1 year free subscription to Autsera's 1st release

For £100, you get 1 year free subscription to Autsera's 1st release.

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"Wall of Fame" and invite to soft-launch

You join our Wall of Fame on Autsera's website. And can get invited to our exclusive soft launch of Autsera's first release.

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Choose a character's name

For the bold and creative: for £1000, you get to choose the name* of one character in our next game! How cool is that? * The game design team is to approve the name, and make sure it suits the game mood, is easy to pronounce, and is not offensive.

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