Autonomous cars for the blind

by Jim Saunders in 

Autonomous cars for the blind
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I aim to start a charity that helps Visually impaired and Blind people into autonomous cars Also to lobby government to legislate in favour

by Jim Saunders in

I was born with Occular albinism, a condition that prevents me from seeing properly. It has been the cause of many lost opportunities for me and one of those is driving. Unlike the millions of people out there who take driving for granted, I, and many other visually impaired and blind people do not have the freedom of jumping in the car and nipping down the shops. However, recent innovation from the likes of Tesla and Google could change all that. Self driving or Autonomous cars are the answer for people like me. This is the future and I see it as a solution for all those people who have been unable to do work that involves driving or simply enjoy the mobility that comes with a car.

The aim of this first crowd funding project is to see if the will to help visually impaired and blind people is there. I would use the money to setup a charity and employ people who know how to run such an organisation.

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