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by Rhys Huelin in Broadstairs, England, United Kingdom

Join the Autoenvy family


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At Autoenvy we aim to create a fun, approachable brand that people will be proud to use. With great products and great customer service.

by Rhys Huelin in Broadstairs, England, United Kingdom

Who doesn’t love a clean car?


We all love to walk outside to a gleaming car.  It's a great feeling when you know your car is spotless, the feeling is one that men and women who love their cars have cherished through the years, and we are no different today.  If it’s a car show your attending or simply a gorgeous sunny Saturday afternoon drive, Autoenvy have what you need to make your vehicle stand out.



Introducing: Autoenvy


Combining a passion for cars and a love for cleaning them , Autoenvy will offer luxury car care products that anyone can use but without the luxury price tag. Our company will sell products to both the public and trade, which can be purchased on line or from our dedicated trade counter. Along with many other services Auto envy will have everything the car enthusiast will need as they strive to Stand Out.


Our range  will include everything needed to give your car a basic valet to a full concourse detail.  These products will include amazing products that are unique to Autoenvy.


Making an Impact


In addition to selling our products nationally and internationally, we also intend to launch many other services that will include our own detailing bay, detailing academy, mobile valeting and detailing as well as an all in one service that will allow us to collect prestige vehicles from the customer, detail them to the level required and then deliver them back to the customer or event in which they are attending . Collaborating with the local council and local charities, we will operate training programs to help people who are long term unemployed  build a brighter future for themselves  by teaching them the art of valeting and detailing, and when possible we will even offer people jobs. 

We believe in working together to make life better for all people. That is part of what makes Autoenvy different and what makes this a venture worth supporting!



What you get.

In return for your pledge you will receive some of our amazing products.  All items will be dispatched within 30 days of the campaign end.



Risks & Challenges


We are aware that we face  challenges as we work to launch Autoenvy. We are confident, however, that we can build up a dedicated audience and overcome any logistical challenges that may arise. Whatever it takes to make Autoenvy work and to turn it into an industry force, we will do it. We will also be sure to keep all our contributors updated regarding our progress.



Other Ways You Can Help


So make your pledge today and help us make Autoenvy happen.  Beyond making a monetary contribution to this campaign, you can show your support for autoenvy by sharing a link to this campaign on any social media platforms you use. As you know, social media will play a critical role in our marketing efforts, so the more we can the word out now, the easier our job will be later on.

We appreciate all your support – monetary and non-monetary alike – and we thank you for taking the time to read about our project.


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Ceramic dream

Wow, thanks for your pledge. Your feeling generous and so are we. For this you will receive : 1 x 500ml bottle of Ceramic infused premium shampoo, 1 x Xtreme fallout. You will also be entered into our VIP club with 25% off of all future orders for life. You will also receive an Autoenvy club logo sticker for your car

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The Blizzard

For your kind contribution you will receive 1 x 250ml bottle of our luxury blizzard snow foam. You will also receive an Autoenvy club logo sticker for your car.

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The selection

For this amazing pledge we will send you 1 x 500ml Blizzard snowfoam 1 x Premium gel wheel cleaner and 1 x Ceramic infused shampoo, 1 x Tyre gel and membership to the VIP club which includes 25% off all purchases. You will also receive an Autoenvy club logo sticker for your car.

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Own part of Autoenvy

WOW!!! For your £18750 you will be part of Autoenvy with a 5% stake in the company.

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