Precious memories

We want everyone in the world to be able to share their memories with their nearest and dearest in a beautiful book.

We did it!

On 13th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £4,675 with 52 supporters in 59 days

Project aim

We want everyone to be able to amaze and delight their friends and family with a beautiful book of precious memories. According to a recent survey millions of people would like to to write their life story but don't have a clue how to do it. autodtbiography makes it easy - it's a virtual ghost writer and virtual book designer - so all anyone has to do is answer simple questions and upload photographs and documents and autodotbiography does the rest. 

At present autodotbiography helps people tell their own life story but it could do so much more. It is an online system that can be developed to tell so many more stories - the history of a Scout troop, the trials and tribulations of starting up a business, the first ten years of a child's life in words, as well as pictures, tales from a sports club, a treasure trove of family memories from a golden wedding couple.

About the project

autodotbiography was conceived out of sadness, with the aim of bringing joy to generations of families all over the world. When founder Bryher Scudamore's mother, Peggy,  died unexpectedly, her memories died with her. Bryher was left with so many unanswered questions and so she vowed at the ripe old age of 60, to make it easy for everyone to tell their life story for their family. 

This is Peggy - the inspiration for autodotbiography. 


"I passionately believe that we all have a life story worth sharing with our loved ones. Some of you don't think you have anything worth telling but you do. We all do," says Bryher.

autodotbiography  makes it easy, fast and fun, to create a beautifully written, lavishly illustrated hardback book of a life story, no matter how good or bad at writing you are. It is is a virtual ghost writer and virtual book designer. If you want to know how it works there is a video that explains the system here.

We know it works because of unsolicited emails such as John Rattray's: " The whole conception of publishing such formats, I think, is just brilliant (now why did I not think of that?). The quality of the print and design is quite superb and I am really, really delighted with the whole package."

And John Strachan's daughter, Liz, wrote to tell us: "My dad took his book to his 80th birthday party becasuse he was so proud of it. Everyone who has seen my dad’s book has said it’s incredible and how lucky we all are to have it. However, they also all say that they could never do it themselves. They say they could never remember everything.  However, having journeyed with my dad through this I think that once you get started and get into it, then all the memories seem to come tumbling back."

 What's next?

We need to raise £15,000 to market autodotbiography - to explain this new concept - and we want to be able to get it into the shops.  

We also want to be able to create new versions.  We want Scout troops and sports clubs to be able to record their history in words and pictures. We want silver and golden wedding couples to be able to share their love story with their children and grandchildren. We want businesses to be able to tell their customers about the trials and tribulations of starting a small business.  There are so many stories to be told and shared. 

Our founder, Bryher Scudamore, has been helping people tell their stories for 45 years and passionately believes that everyone as a story to tell, which is why she is proud to work with a number of leading charities such as Alzheimer's Association, Age Concern in Birmingham, and Age Scotland among others.

Exclusive rewards

To say thank you for your support we have some unique rewards - for instance, tea with Dame Esther Rantsen at an exclusive club in the heart of London, to hear all the latest media gossip;

or a weekend in Cornwall in a beautifully restored VW camper van; or an assessment and a session with choreographer and trainer to the stars, Ali Golding - she has worked with Kylie Minogue, Sarah Brightman, Twiggy and Tony award winner, Nathan Lane, among others.

We have some limited edition T-shirts - each one is limited to ten, so it is really is limited! And of course the highest ever discount on an autodotbiography for you to complete, or to give it to a member of your family.

LATE NEWS...Sir Tim Smit is donating a private visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, hosted by himself.

There are loads of other exclusive rewards to say a big THANK YOU for your help.


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