Auto Forex Trading

by elliott-c17 in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Auto Forex Trading
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am offering a chance to change the lives of people, by giving you the option to invest in a LTD auto forex trading company.

by elliott-c17 in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Hello everyone,

Let me start of by saying this is going to change the lives of everybody! 

A group of retail traders have created what’s called an EA. An EA follows a strict set of rules to automatically trade the forex market for you. Now usually these sort of robots are ok to make some quick money, but they aren’t very safe and can quickly lose you money.

This particular EA has been given a set of very strict parameters. This was done to minimise any losses and to ensure that each week you have more winning trade days then losing ones.

This EA has been running with over 600 clients since July. Since July there has been no losing days. Yes you read that correctly. NOT A SINGLE LOSING DAY! 

This isn’t just me talking rubbish and pursuading you to donate money, this is fact. We have got proof of this with the FX book. 

The EA looks to make 10%-20% ROI each month. It has been making at least 1% a day. This means with an investment of £1000 today, in 5 years you would be a millionaire. Well we want to put this to the test and put this on steroids. 

Now I know a lot of this may seem like gibberish to a lot of you and I would ask you google the bits you don’t understand.

What I want to do Is push this EA to its limits and see how far we can take this, whilst at the same time any money donated I ask you leave your contact details so that we can refund the money and give you a higher return to use to invest in the EA yourself.

We would like to keep you up to date with what is happening aswell so please leave your email addresses to follow our progress or join our Facebook group to keep in touch.

10% of any monthly profits will also be donated to a charity chosen by everyone in a public vote on the Facebook group.

Thankyou for your support. 

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