Autism Treatment

by Rach* in Frimley, England, United Kingdom

Autism Treatment
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To fund much needed treatment for my autistic son

by Rach* in Frimley, England, United Kingdom

Hi, it really pains me to be doing this, however, I will do anything to help my 11 year old son.

My son has ADHD, Aspergers, ODD and sensory issues.  Every day, life is a struggle as he cannot control his emotions.  We constantly struggle with violence and aggression, especially towards his younger sister.

I have asked until I'm blue in the face for CAMHS to get some therapy for my son to help with his violence, only to be repeatedly told that there is nothing that will help him.  The only thing the psychiatrist does is throw more tablets at him.  He currently takes 4 tablets a day, which do not help.  I am constantly told that I can only get therapy privately for him.

I have been told there is some funding that may help to pay for a private therapist, however this is limited to £200 and each session will cost at least £50.  

We have got in debt due to having to buy a log cabin for his older brother, to enable him to have space away from him.

We also need equipment for his bedroom, sensory furniture, such as swinging things etc.  These are so expensive too.

My son is currently attending a mainstream school, however, they are struggling with his behaviour and this in turn makes my son more anxious.

I would appreciate any offers of help to help my son have the quality of life he so deserves.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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