Autism on the Water

Autism on the Water

To raise awareness of autism through the sport of yacht racing and sailing in general and eventually build up our own race team.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello and welcome to the refreshed Autism on the Water Crowdfunding Page. We have had such a great few months with this campaign with so much support such as Tunnocks LTD, David Sturrock Yachting, North Sails, IRC Spinlock, Filiment Coffee, Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club, Scotch Hop, Hunter 707 Class Assosiation, individuals, family and friends etc etc etc! Autism on the Water very very much appreichates the support, sponsorship and advice all those organisations and people have given us. Its been so overwelming over the past 2 months with increased support and actually finally getting this campaign on the water!

We have just had our first event on the water with the Kip Regatta, it was not the succsess race result wise I wanted, but we were there, we promoted autism and we got so much positive feedback from everyone! We have the Scottish Series, Mudhook Regatta and the Geckotech 707 National Championships which Filiment Coffee are very generously sponsoring for us. 

We are now at the stage of getting people with autism involved. We had a young lady with Asperger's Syndrome who performed at our first fundraiser back in March and she was a big hit with everyone! For the 707 National Championships we are delighted to be racing with a full autistic crew, one and perhaps 2 of which are coming over to Scotland from the USA who are part of the charity Set Sail for Autism.

Perhaps most exciting of all is our upcoming Autism Sailing Open day being held at Port Edgar this month. We have nearly 30 people with autism of different ages coming to have a try-a-sail session which will help further promote autism and give them a feeling of life on the water or should I say Autism on the Water!

We are still needing some funding to help with our upcoming projects hence our crowdfunding being opened again, any donation big or small is massively appreichated and you are helping me give the people of autism something not only benefical in their development like it has done for me, but also be part of something magical. Once again I need to be clear to avoid confusion that we are not a charity but an awareness campaign. 

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

Thank you again for your help in helping me give autism the magic of sailing.

Murray :)